Bahrain Fintech Bay to introduce on-demand blockchain courses

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Fintech Consortium and Bahrain Fintech Bay have announced their partnership with BetaBlocks, a US-based blockchain innovation and learning platform.

Through this partnership Bahrain Fintech Bay will introduce on demand courses focused on themes in digital transformation, including blockchain for business, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity.

Maissan Almaskati, Chairman of Fintech Consortium Middle East, said, “We believe that the most relevant education and training in finance today is in the key themes and tools of digital transformation, and that skilled human capital is the essence behind fintech, and innovation across industries generally. We are excited about our partnership with BetaBlocks which provides insight and experience into digital learning, as well as blockchain solutions for a range of end uses, and look forward to working together to jointly develop this offering in Bahrain and the Middle East region”

The BetaBlocks “Digital Transformation Program” is an on-demand programme allowing learning to take place at anytime and at the pace of the student. Each of the courses is thorough, but not overly technical, and delivered through a series of videos and other interactive features. The program is designed to offer the most benefit to business professionals who want to understand the basics of how transformative technologies work, the benefits they offer, and how they can be applied.

Roberto Machado, CEO of Betablocks, said, “There is huge global interest in learning about blockchain and other emerging technologies. This strategic partnership with Fintech Consortium will allow us to share our knowledge and experience with different regions of the world, helping foster innovation and a skilled workforce”.

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