Confluent Launches Build with Confluent

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Confluent announced Build with Confluent, a new partner programme that helps system integrators (SIs) speed up the development of data streaming use cases and quickly get them in front of the right audiences. It includes specialised software bundles for developing joint solutions faster, support from data streaming experts to certify offerings, and access to Confluent’s Go-To-Market (GTM) teams to amplify their offering in the market. Build with Confluent makes it faster and easier than ever to monetise real-time solutions built on Confluent’s data streaming platform.

“We’re sharing tens of millions of hours of collective data streaming expertise with partners to help them deliver the real-time use case offerings that transform customers’ businesses,” said Paul Mac Farland, SVP of Partner and Innovation Ecosystem, Confluent. “Through Build with Confluent, we’ll treat their solutions as if they were built by our team, helping them succeed in solving customers’ data challenges and becoming leaders in their space.”


Bring Data Streaming Use Cases to Market Faster 

As part of the reimagined Accelerate with Confluent programme, partners can deepen their collaborations to expand their businesses, open more growth opportunities, and reach new audiences. They can build native integrations with Connect with Confluent, seamlessly help their customers transition away from traditional messaging systems and Apache Kafka® with Confluent’s Migration Accelerator, and quickly develop streaming use case offerings with Build with Confluent. Now, any partner can work hand-in-hand with Confluent to meet the high customer demand for real-time customer experiences and applications.

A wide range of use cases have been built through early access to the programme, including a GenAI bot for airline customer support, fraud detection against AI-powered voice phishing, automated limit increases for credit card users, and real-time telemetry analysis for freight optimisation. This is only the start with more coming to market as SIs combine their industry expertise with the power of Confluent’s leading data streaming platform. Partners can take advantage of Build with Confluent’s transformative programme benefits, including:

  • Specialised Software Bundles – This library of quickly deployable software helps partners jump start their solutions. With access to packaged code for the most common data streaming use cases, partners have a strong foundation for developing specialised offerings. They no longer need to start from scratch, freeing up more time and resources to focus on customer success.
  • Build with Confluent Certification – Through this certification programme, Confluent’s industry-leading experts will help fine-tune partners’ solutions and verify that they are built for success. Partners will earn a badge demonstrating their solution has been validated by Confluent experts, maximises the potential of the Confluent platform, and addresses customers’ business needs.
  • Access to Sales and Marketing Resources – By tapping into Confluent’s world class GTM teams, partners can speed up the process of discovering their next customer. Confluent’s sales and marketing teams will help ensure their solutions reach the right audiences, maximising visibility and recognition in the market.

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