Huawei Iraq Digital Week event paves the way for digitalisation collaboration and advancement of the intelligent world

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Huawei has successfully concluded its Iraq Digital Week event, which took place from April 28-30 at the Grand Millennium Hotel Sulaymaniyah. With the theme “Advancing the Intelligent World”, the event aimed to promote digitalisation in the Iraq market and showcase Huawei’s latest technologies and solutions, launched at the 2024 Mobile World Congress, combined with insights from local experience to better meet the needs of customers in the country.

The event brought together over 300 key stakeholders, including operators, industry partners, and opinion leaders, to discuss a more prosperous future with continuous ICT business success to showcase Huawei’s “Advance Intelligence” value proposition.

The industry event featured three exhibition areas and two unique booths with 27 screens, designed to connect intelligence with new growth, accelerate industrial intelligence, and light up the future towards intelligent service. Through its activities, Huawei aimed to promote intelligent digital transformation across industries, foster a thriving industry ecosystem, and accelerate the positive business cycle.

As a new chapter of intelligent transformation unfolds, Huawei is at the forefront of this new era, collaborating with global customers and partners to seamlessly integrate ICT and power new applications. With a focus on both current and future business needs, Huawei develops tailored, high-level designs, prioritising value creation and guiding customers through their digital and intelligent transformations. The company’s expertise spans a diverse range of industries, including smart cities, finance, transportation, energy, education, healthcare, and ISP (internet service providers), among others, showcasing Huawei’s versatility and ability to cater to various sectors.

Huawei boasts the industry’s most extensive range of products, from data communications and wireless to optical, computing, and storage. The company provides scenario-based solutions for data centres, campuses, digital sites, and WANs. With more than 20 years of operations in Iraq, Huawei remains committed to working with operators and industry partners in the country to embrace challenges and opportunities and lead the future of the intelligent world.

Following the successful exhibition in Sulaymaniyah, Huawei Iraq Digital Week 2024 will soon be held in Erbil and Baghdad.

Huawei extends a warm welcome to all experts and friends to explore together the direction of intelligent technology, the opportunities it presents, and how we can effectively integrate intelligence into industrial scenarios.

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