NVIDIA showcasing tons of latest gaming news at Gamescom 2023

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The gaming world has descended on Cologne, Germany this week for Gamescom 2023, and NVIDIA is showcasing a ton of new gaming news.

NVIDIA Debuts AI-Enhanced Real-Time Ray Tracing with New DLSS 3.5

NVIDIA announced DLSS 3.5, the latest version of its game-changing AI neural network that is continuously improving. NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 introduces a new feature called Ray Reconstruction, which enhances ray traced image quality for all GeForce RTX GPUs by replacing hand-tuned denoisers with an NVIDIA supercomputer-trained AI network that generates higher-quality pixels in between sampled rays.

NVIDIA announced that support from game developers, including:

  • Alan Wake 2 Launches October 27th With DLSS 3.5, Full Ray Tracing & Reflex
  • Cyberpunk 2077 & Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Available This September With DLSS 3.5, Full Ray Tracing & Reflex
  • Portal with RTX Upgrades To DLSS 3.5 This Fall
  • DLSS 3.5 is also coming to GeForce NOW when Alan Wake 2, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty launch day-and-date in the cloud. Members can also stream the DLSS 3.5 update for Portal with RTX from the cloud.

In addition to games, DLSS 3.5 also improves image quality in real-time 3D creator applications. Ray Reconstruction will be included in upcoming releases of D5 Render, Chaos Vantage and NVIDIA Omniverse.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, PAYDAY 3, and Fortnite Among Fall Blockbusters Getting DLSS and/or Reflex Upgrades

DLSS and Reflex will be coming to this Fall’s biggest titles including:

  • Alan Wake 2 launching with Reflex, in addition to DLSS 3.5 and full ray tracing
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III launching With DLSS 3 & Reflex
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty launching with Reflex, in addition to DLSS 3.5 and full ray tracing
  • Fortnite Upgrades To DLSS 3 This Fall
  • PAYDAY 3 Launching September 21st With DLSS 3 & Reflex

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Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project Announced

At Gamescom NVIDIA announced Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project: The Half-Life 2 community has started developing a RTX Remix remaster for Half-Life 2 using an early access version of RTX Remix’s creator toolkit.

Using RTX Remix, the modders are rebuilding materials with Physically Based Rendering (PBR) properties, adding extra geometric detail via Valve’s Hammer editor, and are leveraging NVIDIA technologies including full ray tracing, DLSS 3, Reflex, and RTX IO to deliver a fantastic experience for GeForce RTX gamers. Take a first look at the announce trailer for Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project.

No launch date has been announced. The community has just begun development of Half-Life 2 RTX: An RTX Remix Project. Four of the top Half-Life 2 Mod teams have banded together, and are looking to invite the entire mod community to join the effort to build Half-Life 2 RTX. We encourage mod artists to join Orbifold Studios and help create this incredible remaster.

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NVIDIA ACE Adds Emotion To AI-Powered NPCs With NeMo SteerLM

NVIDIA ACE is a custom AI model foundry that aims to bring intelligence to non-playable characters (NPCs) through AI-powered natural language interactions. With ACE, generic NPCs can be turned into interactive characters capable of striking up a conversation, or giving local knowledge that leads to new quests.

At COMPUTEX 2023, NVIDIA showed our ACE Kairos demo, featuring Jin the ramen shop owner, rendered in Unreal Engine 5 with RTX ON. In the months since, NVIDIA’s team has continued to evolve ACE.

Our newest advancement is the inclusion of NVIDIA NeMo SteerLM, a new technique that enables developers to customise the personality of NPCs for more emotive, realistic and memorable interactions.

Most LLMs are designed to provide only ideal responses, free of personality or emotion, as you can see by interacting with chat bots. With the SteerLM technique, however, LLMs are trained to provide responses aligned with particular attributes, ranging from humor to creativity, to toxicity, all of which can be quickly configured through simple sliders.

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GeForce NOW

The Ultimate upgrade is fully rolled out, providing Ultimate members access to RTX 4080-class servers throughout North America and Europe. And with the arrival of AAA titles in the cloud coming soon at launch– Alan Wake II, Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion, PAYDAY 3, and Party Animals – Ultimate members will be able to take full advantage of streaming these graphic intensive games from an RTX 4080 gaming rig in the cloud, with up to 240 fps or 4K 120 fps and even support for ultrawide resolutions.

Ultimate members will also experience the latest NVIDIA technologies from the cloud, with DLSS 3.5 support coming on Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty and Alan Wake II. PAYDAY 3, Fortnite, Gord and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will also experience DLSS updates for Ultimate members to stream, all without needing to upgrade their hardware.

And this week the first Xbox PC Game Pass titles are now on Geforce NOW. Stream supported PC games from Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda, including Deathloop and Grounded starting August 24th. Games from other top publishers with games on Xbox PC Game Pass are also available to stream, including Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord and No Man’s Sky. Members who have access to these titles through an active Xbox Game Pass or from the Microsoft store can stream them on GeForce NOW, without any additional purchases.

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Starfield & ICARUS: New Frontiers Game Ready Driver Released

NVIDIA’s latest driver is Game Ready for Starfield and ICARUS: New Frontiers expansion. There’s also support for eight new G-SYNC Compatible gaming monitors, and another 6 GeForce Experience Optimal Settings.

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