Rotana Hotels & Resorts Taps Aruba to Deliver High-Speed Connectivity

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Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, has announced that Rotana Hotels & Resorts has deployed the vendor’s Wi-Fi technology to deliver high-speed and uninterrupted connectivity for guests, staff, and business applications, while creating a platform on which to continuously deliver innovative, differentiated guest experiences. The implementation has enabled increase in allocated bandwidth per session from 8mbps to 25mbps, resulted in an average of 25% increase in guest satisfaction with wireless services, and saves an average of 35% of man-days required for solution management and administration. Fully wireless access to Guest Services Management greatly enhances staff mobility and flexibility, thereby improving their efficiency, and productivity. The technology provides reliable, efficient, and secure connectivity for point of sales (POS) terminals critical to conveniently billing guests and has enabled the introduction of Chromecast Solutions that offer guests high-quality media streaming.

In hospitality today, Wi-Fi is considered to be an essential amenity and any disruption or degradation of the service can significantly impact guest satisfaction. As a leading brand, Rotana Hotels & Resorts recognises the role that reliable, high-speed connectivity plays, not only in fulfilling this expectation, but also in serving as the platform on which it can continuously deliver innovative, differentiated guest experiences.

To meet this objective, Wael Othman, Corporate Director of IT & Business Solutions at Rotana Hotel Management Corporation and the Corporate IT team have standardised on Aruba wireless and switching portfolio at 30+ hotel properties in UAE. This has enabled the brand to provide its guests and employees with uninterrupted access to mission-critical applications with impressively high levels of performance and reliability, irrespective of their location or movement around the property.

The network performance and reliability made possible by Aruba’s solutions have enabled Rotana IT Team to introduce a number of innovative guest experiences, most notably, Rotana Rewards – a single app through which guests can avail of a myriad of services. “We now offer an intuitive app that puts key experiences at our guests’ fingertips. Everything, from booking to check in, making restaurant reservations and even managing their loyalty program benefits, is delivered via Rotana Rewards,” Othman said. In the post-pandemic era, this paves the way for all-important contactless experiences.

Rotana Hotels & Resorts leverages its Aruba network to deliver a host of IP-based services. “Aruba has given us the confidence to route some essentials guest and employee services through the wireless network. This ensures that we can run critical services such as Point of Sales terminals, HD-video streaming devices, and our Guest Services Management system, with complete confidence in their performance and availability,” Othman commented.

Additionally, Aruba’s integration with Zigbee has made it possible to consolidate IoT gateways with the network. Doing so has allowed the Rotana Hotels & Resorts to leverage smart sensors and devices such as digital locks that make guest experiences more convenient and effortless.

“Digital technologies and services will increasingly define operations and guest experiences in our sector, and IT will become ever more embedded across all functions. Through our partnership with industry-leaders like Aruba, Rotana Hotels & Resorts will ensure it stays at the forefront of this digital revolution in hospitality,” concluded Othman.

Jacob Chacko, Regional Director, Middle East, Saudi & South Africa at HPE Aruba commented, “In the fast-paced hospitality sector, only true innovators can consistently lead and stand out. Rotana Hotels & Resorts is always keen to leverage the latest digital transformation technologies. With Aruba’s technology in place, the Group now has a rock-solid platform on which they can continue to innovate and keep delivering on their commitment to guests, employees and other stakeholders.”

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