Sophos Managed Detection and Response Service Empowers GAC’s Cybersecurity Transformation

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Sophos announced that it is partnering with GAC Group, which specialises in the delivery of high-quality shipping, logistics and marine services, to boost its cybersecurity strategy. The agreement seeks to strengthen and secure GAC’s corporate network from cyberattacks and breaches with Sophos’ managed security services.

GAC Group (Holdings) Ltd is headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and has a global footprint spanning over 50 countries and encompassing more than 300 offices. The company develops logistical solutions for clients across diverse industries and has a dynamic IT infrastructure, crafted to support the needs of a global enterprise. GAC features a resilient digital infrastructure supported by its IT department with over 100 IT professionals, including four specialists focused on IT security, to maintain a strong defence against cyber threats.

Ransomware attacks continue to be a major threat in today’s landscape and are driving the growth of the cybercrime economy. According to the latest Sophos annual “State of Ransomware 2024” survey report, exploited vulnerabilities were the most commonly identified root cause of an attack, impacting 32% of organisations. This was closely followed by compromised credentials (29%) and malicious email (23%).

Strong foundational security is a must. GAC Group wanted to fortify its defences further and mitigate the risk of breaches with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. In 2019, the company deployed Sophos Intercept X, the industry’s most sophisticated endpoint security solution, offering multiple layers of security for unparalleled protection against advanced attacks. The company was also looking for a centrally managed software solution renowned for its strong malware protection capabilities. On achieving great results with Sophos, opting for Sophos MDR was a natural choice, given the familiarity with the team and the excellent training received on the services.

“We are proud to be working with GAC and commend their proactive approach to cybersecurity,” said Harish Chib, vice president, Middle East and Africa at Sophos. “Sophos’ MDR service provides around-the-clock monitoring and expert security analysis that empowers GAC Group to better navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape with confidence and resilience.”

The intricate nature of modern operating environments and the rapid pace of cyber threats make it challenging for organisations to effectively handle detection and response on their own.

“As part of its long-term vision, GAC has formulated its digital roadmap and is working closely with Sophos to enhance its cybersecurity strategy,” said Tilak Ratnayake, Group IT Security and Infrastructure manager at GAC Group. “The advanced solutions developed by Sophos are built on cutting-edge technology and skill sets, perfectly aligning with our requirements. Thanks to Sophos MDR, the GAC Information Systems team has greater visibility of what is happening within their organisation from a security point of view, which provides operational ‘peace of mind’ knowing that the equipment is monitored at all times. Our partnership has successfully grown over the last few years, and we look forward to strengthening it by deploying products that will detect and rapidly eliminate confirmed threats with speed, accuracy and transparency.”

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