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Prestigio launches Click&Touch

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Prestigio has introduced what it claims is the world’s first touchpad on a keyboard, Click&Touch. Externally, it does not appear different from other keyboards but when you touch its keys, you realise that it can function not only as a keyboard but also as a touchpad or mouse.

Click & Touch is an interactive multi-function keyboard system connecting a keyboard, touchpad and mouse. You can connect to Click&Touch up to five devices simultaneously, and thanks to the automatic seamless transition between typing and cursor control modes, the device is more convenient than ever.

Top features of Click&Touch keyboard include: Automatically switches between keyboard and touchpad modes; supports gestures: cursor control, click, scroll, media sliders; and greatly simplifies interaction with smart TVs.

Click & Touch is a universal option for PC, TV, interactive screens and other devices, which allows users to type texts and control the cursor in a convenient place and position and easily connect to multiple devices at the same time.

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