CyberKnight, Clearswift To Deliver Adaptive DLP Solutions In Middle East

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Avinash Advani, CyberKnight
Avinash Advani, CyberKnight

CyberKnight has announced a new partnership with Clearswift, a HelpSystems Company, to  help organisations secure critical information.

The Adaptive Data Loss Prevention Platform (A-DLP) by Clearswift is designed to automatically apply optimal security treatment based on data content, context and required regulation policy. This includes real-time redaction, encryption, blocking or deleting. Adaptive DLP offers a unique ability to only remove sensitive information and malicious content passing in and out of the network without the need for human intervention, delays, and quarantines while eliminating false positives.

Exponential growth of data volume is dramatically increasing opportunities for theft, data leaks and accidental disclosure of sensitive information. According to Gartner, “by 2021, 90% of organisations will implement at least one form of integrated data loss prevention (DLP), an increase from 50% today”. In addition, recent Gartner research concludes that organisations continue to struggle with DLP deployments and complexities.

“Confidential data, whether corporate or customer-related, can be leaked from almost any computing device today, including physical and virtual servers, databases, end user equipment, flash storage devices, and mobile devices. Through the partnership with Clearswift we make critical information protection practical for regional customers that are faced with limited IT resources, and encounter more complex cyber threats and compliance regulations,” said Avinash Advani, Founder and CEO at CyberKnight Technologies.

“In today’s world, organisations are facing immense pressure to secure a broader attack surface. With our simple platform we help organisations reduce costs associated with managing false positives, distributed reviews and releases to direct supervisors, and the need to purchase multiple security tools (i.e., anti-malware, legal redaction and sanitization, PCI compliance, etc.),” said Ciaran Rafferty, Managing Director at Clearswift.

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