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Toufic Derbass, Managing Director, MEA, Micro Focus, elaborates on how regional customers can leverage the technology leader’s rebranded ITOM platform to accelerate their digital goals.

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An IT Operations Management (ITOM) platform is critical for organisations to help achieve digital business outcomes in fast and effective ways. Customers are seeking end-to-end visibility and simplicity when overseeing expansive IT estates. An ideal platform enhances the user experience and offers valuable insights through shared data and analytics while simultaneously reducing the need to build and maintain integrations.

Toufic Derbass, Micro Focus
Toufic Derbass, Micro Focus

With the objective to revolutionize the ITOM space to align with the demands of the digital era, global enterprise software provider Micro Focus has recently rebranded its ITOM offering. The company’s new platform is known as OPTIC (The Operations Platform for Transformation, Intelligence, and Cloud) and is strengthened with convergence capabilities.

Toufic Derbass, Managing Director, MEA, Micro Focus, says, “In 2017, we had launched our initial ITOM Platform to help simplify installation and updates of Micro Focus products using containers. However, this technology has continued to evolve over the years. Last year the theme was convergence, and this resulted in radical enhancement of customer experiences. This is why we decided to rename our ITOM Platform.

“The biggest value proposition of the OPTIC platform is that it ensures customers can transform without any complexities and effortlessly harness built-in, infinite intelligence at the core. Additionally, organisations can optimise their use of cloud to its complete potential.”

Through Micro Focus’ OPTIC, customers can fast-track their transformation journeys without having to replace legacy systems. “The platform allows customers to build on their existing systems, such as Business Intelligence (BI) tools for reporting without any added complexity. This is possible thanks to our feature-rich capabilities.”

This includes strengths such as –

  • Unified process automation with embedded best-practices content that improves productivity without requiring brittle custom code.
  • Discovery and topology mapping for both cloud and on-premises environments that allows efficient management based on current configurations.
  • A single interface for user self-service, supported by smart virtual agents, that eases user frustration while advancing response times and staff efficiency.
  • Flexible deployment options—in the cloud, in containers, as a service, or on premises—and the ability to switch as needed.

Derbass reiterates that unlike competitors, the company’s ITOM platform does not compel customers to invest in AI/ML tools only to be charged extra for its use.

He adds, “OPTIC features integrated infinite-use intelligence at the core to store and glean insights from all the data generated across the IT environment. This not only helps customers save on costs but also provides improved analysis through embedded intelligence.”

In addition to all these features, what truly makes OPTIC a class-apart is its ability to help customers leverage the extensive benefits of cloud together with their on-premises approach.

Derbass said, “Customers have the flexibility and agility to switch across both cloud and on-premises architectures anytime they wish. With OPTIC, they can unify performance and availability management across all hybrid cloud and on-premises applications and infrastructure. They are also able to consider new possibilities with multicloud deployment options.

Micro Focus’ unique OPTIC platform enables customers to introduce innovative services and power autonomous IT.

“OPTIC is an automation engine that helps customers build on existing architecture with advanced technologies without any hassles, unify business user experiences, greatly enhance operational efficiency and optimise customers’ use of cloud. OPTIC empowers digital transformation through simplicity and resilience,” he concludes.

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