Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions signs 14 SLAs

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Abu Dhabi’s Smart Solutions and Services Authority (ADSSSA) has signed 14 service level agreements to govern the digital data exchange process and streamline work between digital data providers and users.

Aiming to further develop AD CONNECT – a comprehensive work system to enable governmental entities in Abu Dhabi to digitally exchange government documents – the agreements aim to establish a work environment that enables government entities to exchange digital data and provide a new generation of efficient, fast and proactive smart services. This in turn will enrich clients’ integrated experience and enhance work efficiency and government coordination.

During the first phase, several government entities enhanced their services through the adoption of the new system in a proactive, rapid and dedicated manner. For example, the Department of Education and Knowledge provided a number of initiatives to provide excellent services in the education sector for investors, parents, teachers and students. Hence, to date 650,000 parents have been serviced.

Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, ADFCA, also initiated its participation to make the most of the system to raise the efficiency of its provided services, reduce burdens on clients and in turn raise their satisfaction levels. ADFCA has digitalised the process to join its “improving farmers’ income programme”, which is one of its most important services based on five digital documents provided by the platform serving more than 14,000 clients annually.

The working group displayed the second phase of the project, where 13 additional documents will be added, raising the total to 22 documents representing 80 percent of the total required documents in Abu Dhabi Government Services. This step should help all government entities enhance their ability of providing integrated government services by allowing their clients to complete their procedures around the clock with the utmost accuracy and ease, without the need to visit different government agencies.

Speaking on the occasion, Saeed Al Mansouri, Executive Director of the Shared Government Services Sector in ADSSSA, said, “The authority and its strategic government partners are looking forward to the effective implementation of the second phase of AD CONNECT. This project will pave the way for other further phases to provide innovative government ITC solutions.”

“The importance of this project stems from the fact that it works as a comprehensive system enabling government entities in Abu Dhabi to promote the institutional integration system. This is all done using a methodology and governance framework to enhance the ITC field,” he added.

Earlier this year, TAMM platform was launched as part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to enhance the quality of life of Abu Dhabi residents, and provide them with all the necessary means of success, as well as enhancing its economic environment. TAMM acts as a unified government that allows clients from citizens, residents, visitors and investors to complete a full range of government services through one point of contact without having to visit various government agencies or their websites to complete their transactions.

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