Axis Communications products honoured at the 2024 Intersec Awards

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Axis Communications was honoured at the 2024 Intersec Awards. Two of the company’s cutting-edge camera devices won in their respective categories, and a third was recognised for innovation that pushes the boundaries of network security.

Held every year, the Intersec Awards honour the best the safety, security, and fire protection industries have to offer, with multiple award categories for both brands and products. The 25th edition of Intersec Dubai kicked off on 16 January at the Dubai World Trade Centre, celebrating a quarter century of uniting security technology. The event concluded on 18 January.

“We are incredibly grateful for the recognition of our solutions across various categories. We would like to thank the awards organisers, partners and esteemed jury members for these prestigious accolades and acknowledge Intersec for the opportunity to demonstrate how we’re working to build a smarter, safer, and more sustainable future for all,” said Ettiene van der Watt, Regional Director for Middle East, Central Asia and Africa at Axis.

At the 2024 Intersec Awards, Axis received the Sustainability Champion Award for the AXIS M4328-P Panoramic Camera. Capable of providing 180° or 360° panoramic overviews and equipped with a deep learning image processing unit, the AXIS M4328-P is an ultra-compact device ideal for indoor surveillance across multiple commercial sectors. As per the award category, the camera boasts all the qualities of a sustainable product and is BFR/CFR free and PVC free, exemplifying Axis’s commitment to incorporating sustainability into all practices and spheres of business.

Axis also received the Outstanding Commercial Security Solutions Award for the AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera. Bringing the best of two powerful technologies together for next-level detection, the AXIS Q1656-DLE combines video and radar functionality for reliable wide-area intrusion protection. Video analytics provide precise localisation and object classification, while radar analytics enable distance and speed measurement, effectively blanketing the area and minimising the potential for false alarms.

In addition to the two awards, Axis was also recognised for the AXIS P1468-XLE Explosion-Protected Bullet Camera with a Highly Commended award in the Premier Homeland Security Solutions category. Designed and certified for Zone and Division 2 hazardous locations, the P1468-XLE tests the limits of what’s possible with network security, giving operators the means to increase operational efficiency and ensure compliance with all health and safety protocols in dangerous environments.

Axis would like to congratulate the winner of the category, video analytics specialist Araani, for its FireCatcher solution that uses Axis technologies to offer a reliable early warning system for fire detection.

“Axis’s participation and recognition at the Intersec Awards highlights what we strive to achieve with our products. Innovation should serve a purpose, and our purpose is to offer solutions that combine cutting-edge technologies, robust build materials, and ethical manufacturing and end-of-life cycle processes. We are incredibly proud to have been recognised for that purpose and these awards signify our continued commitment to offering a wide range of quality solutions to meet organisations’ safety and security needs,” van der Watt added.

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