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Axon Technologies: Combating Cybersecurity Challenges

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As a managed security provider, Axon Technologies focuses on emphasising the importance of security within organisations. While organisations are increasingly adopting a digital business model, many still fail to realise the importance of having an effective cyber defence. Through Axon Technologies, customers can provide a complete suite of services that help predict, prevent, detect, and respond to attackers not just after, but even before or during the indecent.

David Brown, Axon Technologies
David Brown, Axon Technologies

While historically companies in the Middle East are not well-prepared in case of an attack, this has seen some significant improvements with time. David Brown, Security Operations Director, Axon Technologies said, “We still see some organisations lack fundamental security in terms of cyber hygiene. They have no visibility on their attack surface, and no control over the hygiene of that attack surface.” This means that organisations have an out of date, unsupported system that connects directly to the internet – which can spell a recipe for disaster.

Brown said that organisations only tend to look at the last known incident when investigating an attack. In the case of ransomware, businesses only deal with the attack that has happened, but they fail to look for earlier points of access. This means that they are still vulnerable to attacks since the original vector is present within their systems.

Attack surface awareness – this is the one thing Brown has stressed that companies should invest in as they enter the digital space. “When you transition from an on-premises facility to a cloud one, you’re leaving your kingdom. You don’t own the network that you are on. You need to be 100 per cent certain that you know where everything is that is yours and what it looks like and what level it’s at, so you always gain an upper hand,” he said.

Axon Technologies expects to grow over the next few years, citing potential customers in the government, financial, healthcare industries and branching out to hospitality, which is a huge risk market. “Data stored by hotels for example are vulnerable and we want to help them identify how they can be their own advocate of security, ” he concluded.

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