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Clear and present danger

Ankit Satsangi, CISO of Azizi Developments, offers tips on how to protect your enterprise from hackers and malware.

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How do you defend against advanced threats and ransomware?

While we are moving fast into the digital age, it has never been as a difficult as it is today for organisations to map out their respective digital environment. While still many organisations go by a single point of defence, we take the layered approach to be able to defend against advanced threats at every layer of the network and the endpoint. Getting some of the basics right like making sure the systems are up-to-date with the industry security standards, patching and updating systems on time can help boost your defence. Leveraging machine learning to able to understand the context of the attack and be able to defend against an incoming threat proactively is now becoming a common practice for defense against ransomware.

Do you think AI and machine learning will drive the future of cybersecurity?

While AI is a hot topic right now, I don’t think one should have their security rely on such an intelligent system entirely. Human intervention is required with AI to maintain a level of control and review actions by the intelligence platform; this will also help in reducing the chances of machines replacing humans. I think a combination of AI and ML with humans overlooking will surely make an excellent defence model.

What can CISOs do to gain more mindshare from the board for security?

The role of a CISO has evolved from being technically focused to now a management player. CISO’s have to be able to sync cybersecurity strategies with business operations, frame security risks from a business risk perspective. Developing strategies on security but framing them to a business level is of key importance for a CISO to succeed.

What is your advice to aspiring security professionals?

While maintaining the CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability) is important, it is even more critical to understand which holds more importance in your nature of business. Pay attention to the insider threats in the form of disgruntled employees, as they can cause serious damage. And continue developing new skill-sets and certifying on the industry recognised certifications.

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