Cloudflare Announces Comprehensive Email Security & Data Protection Tools

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Cloudflare today announced several new Zero Trust email security solutions, compatible with any email provider, to protect employees from multichannel phishing attacks, prevent sensitive data being exfiltrated via email, and help businesses speed up and simplify deployments. Now, Cloudflare is providing organisations with its simple and robust phishing and malware protection that is deeply integrated with its Zero Trust platform, helping to secure all of an organisation’s applications and data.

“You can’t have a complete Zero Trust solution without securing email, given that a huge proportion of all cyber-attacks begin with phishing,” said Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare. “In 2022, Cloudflare Area 1 identified and kept almost 2.3 billion unwanted messages out of customer inboxes. Today we’re filling a void in the marketplace that has been underinvested in for the last ten years, with the first set of deeply integrated solutions that bring together Cloudflare Area 1 email security and our Zero Trust platform.”

Email is one of the most ubiquitous and also most exploited tools that businesses use every single day. The FBI’s latest Internet Crime Report shows that business email compromise and email account compromise, a subset of malicious phishing campaigns, are the costliest—with U.S. businesses losing nearly $2.4 billion. On top of that, email is also one of the hardest tools for businesses to secure, often resulting in multiple vendors, complex deployments, and a huge drain of resources for IT teams. Now, with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust SASE platform, customers can quickly and easily deploy comprehensive email security and data protection tools that are deeply integrated with their existing security stack and work with any email provider.

Cloudflare One provides a comprehensive Zero Trust SASE platform that is built natively into Cloudflare’s global network, spanning more than 275 cities in over 100 countries. This deeply integrated approach ensures a simple deployment in just a few clicks, without the need to change email providers, and lightning-fast performance wherever users are. With Cloudflare Area 1’s new solutions, business will be able to:

  • Automatically isolate suspicious links or attachments in emails: With Link Isolation, if an employee clicks a link in an email, it will automatically be opened using Cloudflare’s industry leading Remote Browser Isolation technology. Isolating any potentially risky links, downloads, or other zero-day attacks from impacting that user’s computer and the wider corporate network.
  • Identify and stop exfiltration of data: With the rapid use of cloud-based email services within organisations, the amount of sensitive data that now resides outside a customer’s premises has increased dramatically. By combining Cloudflare’s Data Loss Prevention and Area 1, businesses can create specific policies to scan for and block sensitive or protected content before it gets attached and sent.
  • Onboard new Microsoft 365 domains in minutes: Now it is as simple as possible to deploy Cloudflare Area 1 for Microsoft 365 domains via the Microsoft API. This means a single IT administrator can have the entire solution fully deployed and running in minutes not days like legacy providers.

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