Confluent cloud-native data-streaming platform is now available on Microsoft cloud region in Qatar

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Confluent announced that Confluent Cloud on Microsoft Azure is now available to customers in Qatar through Microsoft Cloud region in country.

“Data sovereignty and residency are rapidly becoming critical to digital projects across the region, which has led to a fundamental shift in the expectations of business leaders regarding the role cloud providers play in compliance,” said Fred Crehan, Area Vice President, Emerging Markets, at Confluent. “As Qatari enterprises set their sights on the prosperous future described in Qatar National Vision 2030, Confluent Cloud’s availability can play a central role in those journeys. It brings peerless, reliable data streaming and empowers customers to smooth out the complexities of digital transformation in a compliance-heavy, hybrid, and multi-cloud world.”

Microsoft Cloud regions offer Confluent the availability, high performance, low latency, and security it needs to meet customer standards of flexibility, reliability, and disaster recovery. Additionally, because data is stored in-country, Confluent can cater to highly regulated verticals such as government and financial services.

Confluent Cloud is a fully managed, cloud-native service for connecting and processing data, everywhere it is needed. Its elastic scalability and virtually infinite storage simplify real-time data movement across public and private clouds. And it offers managed connectors to the most popular data sources in the Kafka ecosystem, as well as SQL-based stream processing and a governance suite for streaming data, all from the same access pane. The service is backed by 99.95% uptimes that are guaranteed by SLAs.

Additionally, Confluent has worked to ensure some of the industry’s most robust enterprise-grade security and compliance measures are in place. For example, the company recently announced Stream Governance Advanced, which includes the Schema Registry for Stream Quality. By more than doubling the global availability of Schema Registry to 28 regions, Confluent has provided customers with more flexibility to manage schemas directly alongside their Kafka clusters in order to maintain strict compliance requirements and data sovereignty.

Confluent sees the availability of its data streaming platform on Microsoft Azure in Qatar as a clear signal of its ongoing commitment to the nation’s government, businesses, and people. Crehan added: “Confluent views the Middle East as a major growth market, and as more and more organisations make the move over to hybrid and multi-cloud models, Confluent Cloud will be there to offer the flexibility and security they need to grow and thrive. In offering data in motion on Microsoft cloud region in Qatar, we are proud to be part of a national technology ecosystem that is projected to add billions of dollars to the economy and tens of thousands of new jobs over the next four years.”

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