Dataiku and KPMG Join Forces to Modernise Analytics, Propelling Enterprises Toward AI Success

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Dataiku and KPMG have announced a strategic alliance to modernise analytics and accelerate the adoption of AI technologies by enterprises. The collaboration leverages Dataiku’s comprehensive AI platform and KPMG’s experience in cloud migration, platform modernisation, and AI Governance, to help data leaders securely and efficiently advance their AI strategies (including Generative AI).

As enterprises seek to drive innovation and improve optimisation, outdated analytics systems, underused cloud commitments, and the need for trusted AI and stringent AI Governance present new challenges. Establishing a robust data infrastructure is also essential for organisations that want to maximise the potential of cutting-edge technologies. Through this strategic alliance, Dataiku and KPMG will help clients streamline their data and AI infrastructures, and foster secure, compliant technology deployments to meet the needs of the evolving market.

“Enterprises that want to fully unlock the transformative potential of AI need to tackle comprehensive platform modernisation, and integrate advanced analytics with cloud-native data architectures,” stated Dr. Sreekar Krishna, National Leader of Artificial Intelligence at KPMG US. “Marrying KPMG’s experience in technology strategy, cloud migration and modernisation, AI Governance, and business-ready solutions with Dataiku’s enterprise-ready platform to support data, machine learning, and Generative AI, will help our joint clients achieve their AI goals.”

KPMG plans to incorporate Dataiku into its Digital Lighthouse service offerings and Modern Data Platform solution, with the goal of helping clients:

  • Modernise Legacy Data and Analytics Systems: Transition analytics platforms to the cloud, led by business-driven, cloud-aligned strategies that enhance security and compliance.
  • Maximise Cloud ROI: Efficiently deploy data and AI workloads that fully leverage cloud investments and committed spend, reduce waste and boost financial performance.
  • Operationalise AI at Scale: Implement robust DataOps and MLOps practices to develop, deploy, and monitor AI-enabled business solutions, while enabling clients to implement and operationalise governance policies.
  • Launch Secure, Cost-Effective Generative AI: Rapidly prototype and deploy Generative AI applications with Dataiku LLM Mesh, with a critical focus on value creation supported by the business knowledge and experience from KPMG.

“Generative AI will continue to disrupt industries and put pressure on C-suite executives at enterprise companies to adopt solutions that not only enhance AI capabilities but also prioritise data security and governance,” said David Tharp, SVP of Ecosystems and Alliances at Dataiku. “Our alliance with KPMG not only addresses the technological needs of modern enterprises to meet their business goals, but also ensures that these advancements are implemented in a secure and compliant manner.”

To learn more about the Dataiku and KPMG alliance, visit Discover Dataiku and KPMG Speed to Modern Technology.

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