Emirates Steel Arkan Enhances Efficiency and Sustainability with SAP Cloud ERP

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Emirates Steel Arkan (ESA) has signed an agreement with global technology company SAP SE to consolidate its operations under a single, unified cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, while simultaneously increasing the resilience and sustainability of its supply chain.


ESA is adopting RISE with SAP to securely transition its mission-critical processes from its existing SAP ERP system to SAP S/4HANA, with data hosted in-country. As a result, ESA will benefit from a streamlined and integrated system, improving visibility and control over all of its operations and gaining real-time data and insights. The company will also leverage S/4HANA Supply Chain Management to enhance planning and monitoring activities and optimize performance and agility in all areas of its supply chain. 


Saeed Khalfan Alghafri, CEO of Emirates Steel, an Emirates Steel Arkan company, commented, “We have worked closely with SAP to ensure we have a comprehensive transformation that fulfills all our objectives. These range from supporting our environmental sustainability commitments and creating a resilient supply chain, to embracing new technologies and leveraging these to innovate and set new standards for our industry. In addition to unifying and streamlining our processes, the new deployment will ensure we continue to deliver optimal services to our customers, employees and partners, supported by real-time data and insights that enable us to act quickly in leveraging opportunities and responding to changing needs.”


With supply chains across the world facing significant challenges over the past few years, it is important for ESA to ensure its supply chain is as risk resilient and sustainable as possible. By embracing cloud computing and SAP Digital Supply Chain Management, ESA will be using an integrated supply chain model that eliminates process silos, predicts disruptions, and creates feedback loops that improve business performance. In this way, the company can respond swiftly to unexpected rebounds, meet changes in customer demand, and proactively mitigate logistical risks in a sustainable way.


On the sidelines of a ceremony to mark the signing of the agreement, Marwan Zeineddine, Managing Director of SAP UAE, said, “We worked hand-in-hand with the Emirates Steel Arkan team to create a secure, agile and comprehensive digital transformation that delivers real-time data insights and enables the company to benefit from automated processes, greater control, transparency and resiliency in all areas of its operations. This includes a supply chain management system that prioritizes reliability and sustainability alongside cost, margin, and speed. As a result of adopting RISE with SAP, the company will enjoy automatic upgrades and benefit from our continued focus on embedding technologies such as sustainability analytics, AI and generative AI into all of our solutions.”


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