Huawei to Invest $400 Million to Establish Cloud Region in Saudi Arabia

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During the LEAP 2023 event, HUAWEI CLOUD announced it would launch a cloud region in Saudi Arabia to boost the country’s digital economy and enable access to more advanced and secure cloud services for government, corporate and individuals. HUAWEI CLOUD followed this with a recent announcement to bolster digital transformation in the Kingdom by investing $400 million in the next five years.

This renewed focus is based on the realisation that cloud is the foundation of digital transformation and the driver of a dynamic digital world. Cloud provides the building blocks of advanced technologies such as AI, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, and more.

To help customers migrate to the cloud smoothly and derive maximum value from it, give them quick access to leading technologies on the cloud, and support its mission to unleash the power of digital, HUAWEI CLOUD advocates an Everything-as-a-Service vision, which includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Technology-as-a-Service, and Expertise-as-a-Service.

With years of steady investment in AI, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched a range of leading AI products, such as the AI development pipeline ModelArts, large pre-trained Pangu models, digital human, and spatiotemporal computing services. ModelArts is a one-stop AI development platform that covers every phase of developing an AI application, including data processing, algorithm development, model training, model management, and model deployment. Pangu Drug Molecule Model, one of Huawei’s large model practices, accelerated the discovery of lead compounds from several years to just one month and slashed R&D costs by 70%.

HUAWEI CLOUD also provides a data governance pipeline, DataArts, a one-stop data development and governance platform where big data and AI converge. This platform includes GaussDB – a cloud database service and data warehouse, and FusionInsight – an intelligent data lake solution. It helps enterprises to build a data foundation and maximise the value of data.

HUAWEI CLOUD, with 29 regions and 240+ innovative cloud services, now serves more than 170 countries. The recent investment commits Huawei to promote the adoption and implementation of cloud and AI technologies in Saudi Arabia for all industries, serving customers in government and public service, finance, telecom, utility, Oil & Gas, transportation, retail, manufacture, entertainment and startups to accelerate their digital transformation and intelligent upgrade. Furthermore, HUAWEI CLOUD will cultivate the digital economy and talent ecosystem for Saudi Arabia and the whole region.

HUAWEI CLOUD, in Saudi, for Saudi.

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