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IFS Revamps Brand Identity Ahead of Milestone Launch

New identity reflects IFS’s growth journey and future plans, focused on helping customers be their best when it really matters—at the ‘Moment of Service’

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Global enterprise applications company IFS has unveiled a new brand identity to fuse its evolved market position and herald an industry-changing product launch that takes place on March 10, 2021.

Forward-thinking businesses are recognising the benefits of differentiating on service and the growth opportunities presented by offering new propositions leveraging service. Now, with more than half of the company’s revenue coming from customers using IFS’s technology in how they serve their customers, together with its clear category leadership as recognized by industry analysts, IFS is uniquely positioned to help customers deliver at the moment when really matters. These are the moments when a company either delights or disappoints; the moments when all the decisions and processes that go into doing what you do need to come together; the moments when all the hard work pays off. We call them Moments of Service.

The launch of IFS Cloud on March 10 will enable more companies to be their best in their Moments of Service. The new platform enables companies to manage the customer, people, and asset elements of their business in a single, integrated solution. Packed with meaningful innovation, and the industry relevance that IFS has built a reputation for, IFS Cloud is the most significant launch in the company’s history and sets a new benchmark for the industry.

At the heart of IFS’s new identity is an iconic symbol that represents the many elements a business needs to orchestrate in order to deliver amazing Moments of Service. The symbol reflects the effort, energy, and complexity that goes into every customer engagement while retaining a sense of balance and symmetry. Honoring the company’s past while ushering in the future, the new color palette is based on an updated, vibrant purple hue that is contrasted by a range of complementary colors.

The process behind the brand refresh was both collaborative and scientific, involving input from IFS customers, prospective customers, partners, employees, analysts, and journalists—as well as brand experts.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new look and feel, which is an integral part of the evolutionary shift the company is currently undergoing,” IFS Chief Marketing Officer Oliver Pilgerstorfer said. “The new brand identity reflects the business we are today and is also indicative of our plans for the future, especially in light of the upcoming launch of IFS Cloud. It’s a watershed moment in our company’s history. By creating an identity that is appealing and inspirational we are giving customers, partners, and the market at large a clear signal—and it’s something our own employees are immensely proud of.”

The new IFS branding is currently being deployed across all touchpoints, including digital platforms, print and digital marketing, collaterals, merchandise, and office interiors. The roll-out is being accompanied by out-of-home advertising on some of the world’s most iconic activation sites including Times Square in New York, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and Shibuya in Japan.

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