Kyndryl’s Security and Resiliency Services Support Alinma Bank’s Rapid Growth

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Kyndryl announced that Alinma Bank has successfully completed the orchestration and automation of its IT disaster recovery capabilities using Kyndryl’s Resiliency Orchestration services. The collaboration aims to support uninterrupted operations and secure critical data against disruptions, aligning with data center resiliency and redundancy standards set by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). Kyndryl’s solution provides advanced features that help enable the bank to monitor, validate, and activate its IT disaster recovery capabilities, thus mitigating risks and impacts of disruptions on IT services.

Digitalisation in Saudi Arabia continues to grow, with the total transaction value in the digital payments market projected to reach USD $63.9 billion in 2024, according to Statista.  Experts from MIT predict that disruptions — from climate change, technological advancements, and unexpected events — will intensify by 15-25 percent worldwide over the next five years, along with their associated costs, underscoring the need for robust preparedness.

“As we continue to lead an innovative digital transformation journey, ensuring our operations are consistently protected and available is paramount,” says Yasser Hedied AlOufi, Chief Information Technology Officer, at Alinma Bank. “Kyndryl’s expertise and services not only reduce costs, but also support our growth by helping to protect our investments and providing agile and secure IT infrastructure.”

Alinma Bank has chosen Kyndryl’s sophisticated resiliency orchestration and automation services to ensure the robust management of its mission-critical services. The solution automates IT Disaster Recovery testing and failovers, providing real-time visibility into disaster recovery performance, through a comprehensive dashboard. This also supports and enables compliance through the rapid generation and submission of detailed reports with the click of a button, simplifying previously cumbersome tasks, and allowing the bank’s teams to focus on innovation and transformation.

“Kyndryl is committed to assisting forward-looking institutions like Alinma Bank in preparing proactively for risks, enhancing resource utilisation, and establishing agile IT infrastructure necessary for scaling,” says Piet Bil, Managing Director, Kyndryl MEA. “Our security and resiliency services help provide a secure and resilient environment that supports continuous, uninterrupted operations.”

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