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Luxury Dubai Hotel Upgrades Access Control Systems With Traka

Dubai’s luxury hotel Atlantis, The Palm, has installed Traka Intelligent Key Management System to streamline critical key and equipment management.

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Global specialist in intelligent asset management solutions Traka has announced the successful integration of its advanced key and asset management software at Atlantis, The Palm, allowing the Dubai hotel to offer its guests the highest level of hospitality and security.

An intuitive, browser-based asset control software, Traka Web and Traka Touch technology provides all the tools necessary to centrally manage all Traka key cabinets and lockers. With the ability to regionalise administrative control, different areas of an organisation can customise its security needs to make keys and assets more efficient and effective for the business. Additionally, it is designed for easy and simple integration into existing third-party systems, for a seamless deployment process while greatly reducing administration overhead.

Traka, a subsidiary of access control systems giant ASSA ABLOY, has been the key management solution of choice for Atlantis, The Palm since 2009.  The company manages nearly 600 keys throughout the luxury resort, including systems at Housekeeping, Fish Loading Bay, the Water Park and other key areas in the site.

With recent reports predicting the GCC hospitality industry to grow to $32.5bn in 2022, industry players, led by hotels, have been focusing on improving their operation efficiencies by deploying the latest technologies to respond to the changing needs and preferences of customers.  At the core of key priorities for hoteliers at all levels of property operations is high-level security.  This is to guarantee guest safety and peace-of-mind, as well as to deliver unmatched experiences that differentiate the hotel brand.  Currently, however, access control systems are not given enough importance as surveillance cameras or fire alarms in an organisation’s security strategy, this according to Roshin Roy, Regional Business Development Manager, Middle East, Traka ASSA ABLOY.

“Key and asset management are as crucial as CCTVs and fire alarm systems when it comes to best practices in security.  The hospitality industry in particular, is one that is continuously changing.  As the demands of the industry and the hotel guests evolve, businesses must adapt in order to move forward to the future,” he explained.

According to Roy, an efficient access control system is important for operational reliability and safety as it enables managers to track changes made to devices and prioritise threat mitigation efforts. Not only does it increase the effectiveness and efficiency of hospitality companies, but equally important, it also fosters innovation in the industry.

“With the integration of Traka Web and Traka Touch technology to their system, Atlantis’ security team is assured that their master and other critical keys are accounted for and that operating processes are working efficiently while guest security is never compromised.  The resort’s attention to key control through the use of our systems is a reflection of their strong commitment to continuing evolution for operational efficiency in order to deliver a new level of guest experience,” Roy added.

Trevor Korb, Security Director at the Atlantis, The Palm, said, “Key management is of critical importance not only for the safety and security of all of our staff and guests, but also for the smooth running of our operational processes. Our use of Traka systems has meant that key management has been automated removing the margin for human error and freeing up staff time to focus on other important functions.”

Traka Web and Traka Touch technology provides a distinct set of features keeping user in control, all the while optimising business processes at a lesser cost.  A three-tier architecture, data, application and presentation layers work together to enable Traka Web and Traka Touch to be efficient and highly scalable. It also brings users and items side by side, making it easy to grant access to multiple items quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, Traka Web and Traka Touch technology provides an auto-sync system for all changes, while a suite of reports is also provided to help better utilise the assets that need to be controlled.

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