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ManageEngine unveils privileged access security solution PAM360

PAM360 from ManageEngine provides governance over privileged access entitlements, correlation of privileged access data with other it management platforms.

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Rajesh Ganesan, ManageEngine
Rajesh Ganesan, ManageEngine

ManageEngine, the IT management division of Zoho Corporation, has announced the launch of PAM360, a complete privileged access security solution for IT security teams. Available immediately, PAM360 offers enterprise-grade capabilities in privileged access governance, including just-in-time controls and privileged user behaviour analytics (PUBA), to provide CISOs and cybersecurity executives holistic visibility of their privileged access security.

“While enterprises are increasingly aware of the importance of privileged access security, they often do not know how to build and run a complete PAM program. Any gaps in processes or tools could derail the whole program, making it dysfunctional,” said Rajesh Ganesan, Vice President, ManageEngine. “With PAM360, we are bringing a holistic approach to not only PAM, but how it contextually fits into overall operations to help our customers successfully implement privileged access security across their entire infrastructure.”

With the launch of PAM360, ManageEngine introduces a privileged access security offering that focuses on orchestrating extended workflows from a central console and increasing the correlation of privileged access data with other moving parts of enterprise IT. PAM360’s enterprise-oriented highlights include:

Privileged account governanceCentralise the enforcement of privileged access policies for all categories of users. Regulate access to critical assets, monitor and audit all subsequent privileged access—all from a single, unified console.

Just-in-time privilege elevationDelegate just-in-time controls for domain accounts through on-demand, time frame-based privilege elevation. Orchestrate complex access management workflows from a unified console.

Privileged session monitoring: Record videos of privileged sessions, and establish dual controls through real-time session shadowing and termination capabilities.

Privileged user behaviour analytics: Create baseline behaviours and detect anomalies in privileged account activity by correlating privileged access data with endpoint event logs. Accelerate remediation with prompt access to advanced analytics on privileged access.

SSL / TLS certificate management: Safeguard online brand reputation through end-to-end management of SSL certificate life cycles by leveraging out-of-the-box integrations with public certificate authorities such as DigiCert, Let’s Encrypt and GoDaddy.

PAM360 is available immediately in Enterprise and MSP Enterprise editions. The Enterprise edition pricing starts at $7,995 for 10 administrators and 25 keys. The MSP Enterprise edition pricing starts at $11,995 for 10 administrators and 25 keys. A free, fully functional trial version is available at

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