Mercedes-Benz accelerates digitalisation with smart app

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Mercedes-Benz has introduced ‘Mercedes me connect’ smart app to the region, available to all new Mercedes-Benz car owners (post December 2017 production). Customers in the region can consult with their official Mercedes-Benz partner for the availability of the services in their car.

With this service, customers will be able to connect with their vehicle anytime and anywhere and control certain functionalities, via the Mercedes me portal and the Mercedes me App, enabling them to keep in touch with their car and everything that’s important to them.

From Remote Engine Start – where customers can start or stop their vehicle from anywhere and pre-condition it to their last setting, so that every ride begins both quickly and comfortably, to Remote Parking Assist – giving customers the ability to control the parking manoeuvre from outside the car.

In addition, the Standard Services feature takes the strain out of various aspects of motoring and offers services such as Maintenance Management, Breakdown Management and Accident Recovery.

With the latest ‘In-Car Office’ function, Mercedes-Benz drivers can now also use office functions directly in the vehicle and access important data on the move – as if they were in an office.

The ‘In-Car Office’ uses the locations of calendar entries and automatically transfers them to the car’s navigation system. Using this function, drivers can also dial into a telephone conference on the basis of a calendar entry – the system automatically detects the required PIN access code and simultaneously dials it.

“We are very excited to bring to the region the sophisticated Mercedes me connect,” said Lennart Mueller-Teut, Head of Marketing & Communications at Mercedes-Benz Cars Middle East “We use state-of-the-art technology such as MBUX’s artificial intelligence capabilities to learn about a user’s preferences when driving, gradually turning the car into a personal assistant for the driver – an attribute we know will be a huge success here. Mercedes me connect is designed with our customers’ needs in mind in today’s digital age, and makes life just that little bit easier for them.”

In combination with the pioneering in-car experience: MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience), Mercedes me connect offers drivers navigation functions such as information on road conditions, traffic incidents or approaching emergency vehicles. Users will also be alerted in case something has bumped into the parked vehicle or if it has been towed away.

Using prediction features, the MBUX anticipates what the user would like next – from preferred radio stations to frequently driven routes to regular phone calls that take place on a specific day. Mercedes me connect will learn a customer’s routine and thus suggest specific activities on display on the given day.

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