NETSCOUT Helps Provide a Smooth Experience for Middle East’s Eid Travelers

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As Eid Al Fitr approaches, the aviation industry in the Middle East expects a significant increase in air traffic during the week. Online travel firms have added to the trend, claiming a 4X surge in flight searches and a 40% increase in Eid package inquiries in the UAE alone.

Earlier this year, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) confirmed that Middle East airline traffic has increased by more than 16% since the previous year. This holiday week will put additional strain on the already growing sector to provide an optimal travel experience.

The aviation industry depends heavily on digital networks and applications for tasks like providing departure information, issuing updates and inspecting luggage. Unexpected network downtime can significantly impact the travel journey, sometimes costing airlines significant losses in the range of $10 – $150 million. Hence, it is important to maintain aviation systems to mitigate the risk of downtime during peak travel periods.

“Over the holidays, airlines seek to ensure that travellers enjoy a seamless journey without any disruptions. Airlines and airport operators are constantly investing in their network, devoting greater resources to ensure systems and processes run smoothly,” said Gaurav Mohan, VP of SAARC & Middle East, NETSCOUT.

“This approach is critical, as poor visibility in digital environments can be harmful. By deploying scalable deep packet inspection tools, airlines can pinpoint the root cause of even the most complex performance issues, accelerate resolution processes and minimise the passenger impact.”

During any travel surge, the aviation sector has a huge opportunity to showcase the strength of its operations, so peak application and network performance are crucial. Proactively monitoring for issues enables the aviation community to prioritise the passenger experience, gain a competitive edge and ensure business continuity.

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