Paessler Creates Awareness for Monitoring Solutions

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Digital transformation is the buzzword for GITEX Technology Week and as businesses find themselves transitioning into the digital era, there is a need for proper scalability and technologies that would make it seamless. Paessler is present at GITEX to create awareness on the concept of monitoring using its Enterprise solution that was introduced last year.

Paessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor caters to larger infrastructures’ needs in terms of scalability and feature set as well as new technologies for monitoring industrial and IoT environments. This enables users to have an overview of their IT and OT environments all in one solution.

“With these capabilities, we enable IT Managers of organisations of all sizes and types to benefit from what PRTG has to offer,” said Mustafa Farag, Senior Systems Engineer – Paessler AG. “Paessler products monitor all aspects of modern IT and digital transformation, giving a constant overview about availability and performance of classic IT environments as well as of IoT and IIoT components,” he added.

Farag said that monitoring is often being forgotten when it comes to key technologies that customers should invest in. Through Paessler, they see it as a task to make sure that experts are aware of the meaning of monitoring. “We see huge visibility for all those new technologies like Cloud, AI, or SDX, however monitoring is not a key focus – even though it is a precondition and an insurance for the success of every kind of technology used in IT, IoT or IIoT,” said Farag.

The Germany-based company stresses its commitment to its business by making sure that its PRTG Network Monitor is future-proof, given their 22-year experience in the field of monitoring. As for the Middle East, Paessler is closely working with channel partners and distributors in ensuring that monitoring is a key aspect and educating customers on leveraging the complete benefits of their digital solutions.

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