Pure Storage Unveils Strategic Evolution of Partner Programme Built for the Subscription Economy

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Pure Storage announced significant updates to its robust partner programme, delivering heightened value and performance to partners, tailored to their unique business models. These enhancements reflect Pure’s service-led strategy to enable new levels of scale, consistency, and preference for partners as the only storage vendor to deliver subscriptions entirely through the channel.


Industry Significance:

The ability to adapt to the subscription economy is increasingly defining the success of businesses across industries. Customers are opting to pay ratably over time as they react to the impact new technology adoption has on their infrastructure needs. Subscription services now account for nearly half of Pure Storage’s reported revenue.

Given the company’s leadership and growth in subscriptions as well as the latest updates to the partner programme, Pure Storage is uniquely positioned to support partners’ business growth in the as-a-service era.


News Highlights: 

Pure Storage has aligned partner feedback, customer needs, and its company strategy to deliver continuous innovation to the Partner Programme. The programme transformation will focus on increasing partner profitability, greater automation, building enhanced tools, and driving partner empowerment to proactively accelerate the growth of their businesses. The updates include:

  • Evolved Predictable Programmatic Pricing Model for Partners: Pure Storage is introducing a new pricing model framework to provide partners with a simple Product and Services MSRP and programmatic discounting based on partner type, tier, and deal registrations.
  • Power to Provide Quotes Independently: New updates to Pure Storage’s existing quote configuration and pricing model, and tools will empower partners through automation to conduct independent configurations and quotes as well as backend electronic data exchange (EDI) integration for order placement.
  • Simplified Auditing and Reporting: Pure Storage will be making updates to its SalesForce reporting experience, Partner dashboard, and recruiting & onboarding tools, enabling partners with a more cohesive experience across the platform.
  • Enhanced Partner Intelligence Tools: Pure Storage is launching a Partner intelligence dashboard that gives Partners visibility into all of their engagements with Pure Storage and customers from current business and pipeline, as well as guided proactive recommendations on upgrade/upsell/renewal opportunities.

“As a service-led company, we are proud of our industry-leading subscription services and our partner-led approach. Pure Storage has been 100 per cent channel-led since its founding, and we recognise the pivotal roles our partners play in delivering innovative storage solutions to customers worldwide. With this next evolution, we aim to empower our partners to drive more value and impact in the as-a-service economy as they meet the dynamic global technology needs of today,” commented Wendy Strusrud, VP, Global Partner Sales, Pure Storage.

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