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Rackspace Announces Data Freedom Platform

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Rackspace Technology has announced the launch of Rackspace Data Freedom, a new platform that allows customers to disaggregate storage from public cloud compute, freeing an organisation’s data from being subject to often unpredictable and overwhelming public cloud data egress charges.

“Data egress charges are an issue that organizations have been grappling with for years, but until now no provider has offered an intuitive solution for managing these costs or a footprint that comes close to the magnitude of ours,” said Michael Levy, director of product from Rackspace Technology.

“Using the connectivity and data center ecosystem we have cultivated; we are helping our clients more effectively manage their public cloud transit costs and guaranteeing multicloud data accessibility.”

Rackspace Data Freedom offers the ability to retain sovereignty of data and the flexibility of a multicloud approach. All applications and native toolsets, regardless of the cloud in which they reside, call back to the same data repository, eliminating the need for costly replications. Any data that must make its way to a public cloud sees discounted egress rates when subsequently transferred to any other cloud, mitigating costly transit fees plaguing the majority of public cloud users.

Key benefits of Rackspace Data Freedom include:

Cost management: Rackspace Data Freedom users can avoid large-scale data migrations to the public cloud and achieve transit cost savings of as much as 83% by utilizing the Rackspace Technology private network as opposed to the public internet.

Unshackling information: Leveraging RackConnect Global, users can maintain multiple private, low-latency virtual connections over one resilient physical connection from the disaggregated storage environment, so application and toolsets across multiple public cloud vendors and zones operate as a seamless whole.

Customised storage solutions: Customers can count on industry proven storage hardware from leaders such as Dell Technologies and NetApp. From basic hybrid models to high performance all-flash platforms, protocol types and even advanced features or expansion shelves, Rackspace Technology builds the best solutions in accordance with customer’s specific requirements.

Rackspace Data Freedom is available globally in all Rackspace Technology data centers and colocation facilities and connects to most cloud environments including all VMware Cloud environments, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more.

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