Salesforce: Middle East Customers Lead Post-Pandemic DX

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CRM company Salesforce has announced that Al Malki Group, Mantrac Group, and Seera Group are supporting the Middle East’s $2.3 billion digital transformation market.

Middle East and North Africa organisations are investing in digital transformation to optimize customer experiences and drive post-pandemic business competitiveness. As a result, the Middle East and North Africa’s digital transformation market has reached USD 2.3 billion, according to a recent report by Future Market Insights.

“As the Middle East and North Africa’s digital transformation market reaches new heights, AlMalki Group, Mantrac Group, and Seera Group show how the region is leading digital innovation across diverse industry verticals, such as retail, construction, and travel,” said Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President – Middle East and North Africa, Salesforce.

The company’s virtual event series Salesforce Live: Middle East 2021, themed “Success from Anywhere,” will have engaging speakers, thought-provoking content, and practical demos and tools delivered weekly from May 25 – June 15. Sessions cover Success from Anywhere, Customer Engagement, Digital Experiences, and Data and Automation.

“Salesforce Live: Middle East can help organisations to embrace the all-digital work-from-anywhere model, powered by a major evolution of the cloud into the Cloud 3.0 era,” added Nicault. “The major evolution of the cloud can help organisations to optimise operations, customer experiences, and post-pandemic business innovation.”

AlMalki Group

AlMalki Group, a Saudi-based family-owned group which will celebrate its 70-year anniversary in 2022, specialises in the luxury retail and distribution market for more than 105 international brands. The company is using Salesforce Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Salesforce CMS, and Mulesoft solutions to enhance omni-channel journeys for millions of customers across the region.

“In the GCC, luxury customers don’t just want to shop in stores – they want to have seamless, integrated experiences when they move from any channel, whether online, in-store, calling customer service, or on social media,” said Daniel Gómez Rojas, Chief Digital Officer, AlMalki Group. “We are investing in Salesforce technology, processes, and local talent to differentiate on customer experiences and long-term customer engagement. These are the pillars that are building a competitive advantage for AlMalki Group and our luxury brands.”

Mantrac Group

The Cairo-headquartered Mantrac Group is one of the world’s largest Caterpillar (CAT) dealers, spanning 12 countries in three continents: Africa, Asia, and Europe. Mantrac Group provides industry solutions from heavy-duty machinery to solar plants. The firm is involved in the power and energy, oil and gas, mining, construction, and renewable energy sectors, serving more than 42,000 customers.

Using the Salesforce Customer 360 solution, Mantrac Group can better understand its customers’ needs, anticipate challenges, and find solutions, especially in the construction and mining sectors.

“Many global construction and mining companies operate in remote sites, which can pose challenges for analyzing their journeys and machine telemetry,” said Reem Sharawy, Senior CRM Project Manager, Mantrac Group. “By using Salesforce solutions, Mantrac Group can use machine learning to better analyse and predict our customers’ behavior, even when offline. Next, Mantrac Group plans to connect our customers to our e-commerce portal, and proactively provide our customers with equipment or services.”

Seera Group

Riyadh-based Seera Group (formerly Al Tayyar Travel Group), the leading travel group in the Middle East, is using Tableau data visualization software to unlock, analyse, and act on data from millions of customers. Seera Group has optimized costs, tailored and personalized customer travel experiences, and generated new digital revenue streams.

“In the wake of the pandemic, Seera Group and travel firms needed to manage three phrases: the first was understanding our customers’ travel journeys, the second was communicating with our customers about health and safety protocols, and the third is now predicting future travel demand with our partners,” said Louise Blake, Vice President – Data, Seera Group. “Thanks to Tableau software, we can share data visualization dashboards and alerts with speed and agility across our company, which has been vital for meeting our customers’ travel needs in the work from anywhere era.”

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