Spectrami Inks META Distribution Agreement With PhishRod

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Spectrami, a regional value-added distributor has announced a distribution agreement with PhishRod, a global anti phishing solution provider. The partnership would leverage on the best of breed phishing defence capabilities of PhishRod with strong technical and value-added services from Spectrami across the region.

“We are very excited to sign this strategic distribution agreement. Spectrami is a true market leader for value added distribution across Middle East, Africa and Turkey. By joining hands with Spectrami, we aim to provide a phish free environment for all organisations in the META region,” said Syed Abid Ali, Co-Founder & CCO at PhishRod

PhishRod recently launched their Automated Phishing Defence and Orchestrated Response platform that will allow organisations to instantly analyse suspicious emails through built-in intelligence feeds, quarantine and ultimately delete them from the end user mailboxes through an orchestrated response. The capability to thwart phishing attacks along with modules for Phishing Simulation, Security Awareness Automation and Policy Compliance is completely in-line with PhishRod vision to provide pre-emptive defence capabilities against phishing attacks by integrating people, processes and technology.

Anand Choudha, CEO of Spectrami said, “The partnership with PhishRod is going to be an interesting journey as they address the Phishing awareness and tutorials in English as well as Arabic language as that meets the need for Government, Educational and healthcare employees where bilingual support extends the option of language selection which eventually improves the phishing awareness level indicator for each organisation.”

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