Strategic Partnership between Liqid and StorIT in the Middle East

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StorIT Distribution and Liqid have announced a strategic partnership that promises to reshape the AI infrastructure landscape in the region.

This partnership combines Liqid’s dynamic GPU pooling capabilities with StorIT’s extensive market experience. By joining forces, both companies aim to empower organisations across the Middle East with unparalleled performance, power efficiency, and agility in managing their GPU resources, essential for modern workloads like AI.

“We are very excited to work with Liqid.  As their Distributor partner, StorIT aims to deliver unparalleled value for business growth to our reseller partners across the MENA region by catering to the rapidly growing customers’ need for dynamic resource allocation and improved efficiency in data centres using Liquid’s innovative technology that sets new benchmarks for superior AI infrastructure performance” said Suren Vedantham, Managing Director at StorIT Distribution.

‘’The Liqid Team is thrilled to work with StorIT to architect optimised GPU solutions, catering to emerging AI performance and efficiency demands and expanding our global reach in the EMEA market,” said John Dauskurdas, Senior Vice President of Sales at Liqid. “Integrating Liqid’s AI enablement solution with StorIT’s robust network of value-added resellers enables collaboration with our channel partners and delivers high-performance solutions tailored for AI. This partnership positions us to address current demands and scale efficiently to meet future computing challenges.


  • Resource Optimisation: Liqid Matrix software allows users to effortlessly deploy, scale, and manage physical GPU resources in seconds, integrating up to 20 GPUs into a single 2U server. This level of control over resource utilisation, which can include networking and storage, ensures infrastructure optimisation for evolving demands.
  • Market Position: StorIT’s position as a trusted Value-Added Distributor enables it to deliver Liqid’s innovative solutions to enterprises of all sizes in the region.
  • Milestones Ahead: The partnership sets the stage for achieving significant milestones in enhancing data centre infrastructure and driving technological innovation.

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