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Tinubu Square Announces Collaboration with Microsoft

This technological collaboration advances Tinubu Square’s innovative digital solutions to a new competitive edge using Microsoft Power BI.This technological collaboration advances Tinubu Square’s innovative digital solutions to a new competitive edge using Microsoft Power BI.

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Tinubu Square, the market leader for enterprise software solutions to Credit and Surety Insurers, has announced cooperation with Microsoft, the leading provider in Business Intelligence solutions.

Olivier Placca, Tinubu Square Co-Founder and Deputy CEO, said, “This cooperation is strategic for Tinubu Square to continue to offer carriers best-in-class technologies in the long run using the strength of Power BI across all business lines of our SaaS-based, end-to-end Enterprise Solution Platform. Our primary objective is answering our customers’ needs. Integrating Power BI to our Credit Insurance and Surety Platform offers them key benefits such as powerful insights, a scalable solution and settings on-the-fly. To take full advantage of our Business Intelligence capabilities, customers can tailor their own reports using a specifically designed Tinubu CIS data model, increasing efficiency and data relevance.

Offer Sadey, Chief Technical Officer at Tinubu Square, said, “Before choosing Microsoft, we ran through a market research with full technical assessment of the different offerings. We wanted to be sure to integrate the best solution for our customers’ benefit. It had to perfectly fit our own solutions and enhance them; we found that Microsoft Power BI was the right technology for achieving that end.”

Today, Power BI is integrated in the firm’s both Trade Credit Insurance and Surety SaaS Solutions (Tinubu CIS & Tinubu eSURETY). Choosing Power BI brings the assurance of benefiting from the best technical tool. It is scalable to the customer’s business needs and is highly secured. It has a strong API enabling carriers to personalise the whole configuration of the reports they need and customise their different workspaces.

“Configuration is actually very easy and can be done on-the-go,” he added. “Customers can also connect to the Data Warehouse for their own needs of data analysis and prediction. Another advantage is the cost; Power BI is very affordable and allows us to continue offering high-end technological services while remaining cost-competitive. Overall, this collaboration with Microsoft is built on a solid policy: a progressive licensing mode and a strong global support – technical, legal and business – allowing rapid scalability and therefore growth for our customers.”

Patrice Amann, Senior Director, Financial Services Business Lead, EMEA, at Microsoft, said, “Being at the vanguard of technological innovations, Microsoft developed Power BI which is specifically designed to facilitate businesses’ strategic decisions and growth. Today, business forecasts and decision-making processes rely solely on the quality of data, transformed into knowledge, and their real-time availability. Every company is looking for the guaranty that their data and cloud services will be fully secured and supported at all time, whether their activities spread on a global scale or is purely local.”

He added, “This collaboration with Tinubu Square shows that Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions are also designed to perfectly adjust to and match the need for digitalisation in the Credit Insurance and Surety industry. Our goal is to provide the necessary technology to contribute to the large success of Tinubu Square’s specialised solutions for carriers, and this cooperation materialises a joint intention between both companies to answer exact business needs and provide an always optimised customer experience.”

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