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Sudhir Chadaga, Chief Strategy Officer at Motorola Mobility, shares insights into the company's strategic approach to seize opportunities in the flourishing B2B market.

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Can you give us a quick update about your business growth?

We have experienced tremendous growth in the past few years. However, despite significant top-line growth, Motorola was not profitable. We were losing money despite high volumes of sales. So, we made a concerted effort to turn the business around.

As a result, we have been running the business profitably globally for the last 12 quarters. While we did experience a contraction in some markets during the turnaround phase, we are now back on a growth trajectory with increased profitability.

This favourable financial position has allowed us to invest strategically in various parts of the business. One of our main focuses is the premium segment, where we have invested in our Edge portfolio.

Furthermore, we continue to prioritize key innovations in our ecosystem and software experiences for users, which form another vital component of our growth strategy.

Additionally, we are committed to supporting growth in our strategic regions. We are a powerhouse in the Latin America market and have become the number two player. In Europe, we are experiencing double-digit growth. Currently, our presence extends to numerous Western European markets and a select few in Eastern Europe. Our focus is on Europe and the Middle East, a core region for our overall growth and brand recognition.

With its long-standing heritage of more than 90 years, Motorola has a respected position in the market. However, our key challenge is continuously differentiating the brand to ensure that users and consumers recognize its unique value.

Are you now eyeing opportunities in the B2B market?

We have ventured into the B2B space as we explore new growth areas. This journey began a few years ago when we identified multiple opportunities within Lenovo Group, a powerhouse in enterprise and B2B sectors. Recognizing the potential for synergies, we embarked on a systematic approach to drive growth in the B2B domain.

As per IDC, the global B2B market accounts for approximately 300,000,000 units. The market is largely dominated by two major players, Apple and Samsung, making it highly competitive. However, we are determined and ambitious to make our mark in this space. Our vision is to establish ourselves as a reliable provider of devices and solutions for customers in the enterprise space, including enterprises, SMBs, and public sector entities. Our primary focus is to offer a diverse range of trustworthy devices that cater to our customers ‘ specific needs, regardless of their price point.

Whether it is small and medium-sized businesses seeking value-tier products or larger companies needing premium devices, our portfolio offers a compelling selection. We have crafted a suite of end-to-end solutions, realizing that enterprise customers, including businesses and government entities, require comprehensive solutions tailored to their unique requirements. Instead of building everything from scratch, our customers can focus on their core business operations.

Moreover, being part of the Lenovo family provides us with unparalleled access to Lenovo’s extensive network. This advantage reinforces our ability to cater to a broader customer base and expand our presence in the market.

By leveraging Lenovo’s expertise in serving enterprise customers, we gain valuable insights that enable us to address the needs of B2B customers. Also, we know that we cannot do it all alone – to meet the diverse needs of our customers, we partner with industry players. These strategic alliances allow us to combine our strengths with other industry leaders, providing our customers with an even more comprehensive and powerful set of solutions.

We have established extensive partnerships, collaborating with various security solutions providers and prominent technology giants like Microsoft and Google. These alliances enable us to offer solutions addressing our customers’ pain points.

What do you offer to B2B customers in terms of devices?

Among these devices is the ThinkPhone, which was recently announced and is now being introduced to this market. Additionally, we have the Edge devices, representing our premium offerings, and the Moto G devices, renowned for providing excellent value for money.

One distinctive feature of these devices is the inclusion of Business Edition capabilities. These capabilities offer customers enhanced software and security support, ensuring their business needs are met with the utmost reliability and protection.

Motorola has stood for quality and reliability for the last 90 years, and it is something we pride ourselves on. And we ensure that our devices have this rigor regarding what we deliver to customers.

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