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Trend Micro Unveils XDR Suite in the UAE

XDR goes beyond endpoint detection and response (EDR) and ingests activity data from other security vectors to deliver high fidelity alerts to SOC/SIEM operations, reducing time to detect and respond.

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Majd Sinan, Trend Micro
Majd Sinan, Trend Micro

Trend Micro has announced that its XDR suite is officially available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), driving new levels of cybersecurity amid UAE Vision 2021’s digital transformation.

Trend Micro XDR is the first in the cybersecurity industry that offers the most extensive correlated detection going beyond endpoint detection and response (EDR). It collects and analyses activity data from emails, endpoints, servers, cloud workloads, and networks, enabling security operations centre (SOC) teams to detect, investigate, and respond to threats more effectively.

Today’s SOC analysts are up against sophisticated threats that are designed to circumvent the most advanced protection. Adding fire to the fuel is the massive volume of alerts they have to triage on a daily basis. Low job satisfaction and cybersecurity talent shortage are commonplace challenges for SOCs across the region.

Trend Micro’s XDR is designed to address such operational nightmares in a SOC. It delivers three major benefits, unparalleled by any other existing point solution:

Reducing alert fatigue: XDR automatically correlates and analyses data from multiple security vectors to tell a bigger story. With XDR, level one SOC analysts no longer have to comb through mountains of noisy alerts and logs to identify a potential attack. XDR does it automatically for them and generates a few high-fidelity alerts instead of a thousand low-confidence ones, significantly reducing alert volume.

Powerful workbench that provides contextual visibility for alerts: The XDR dashboard presents attacks in a visualised manner, enabling SOC analysts to see the different stages, attack vectors, dwell time, and the spread and impact. XDR also offers contextually aware response options so SOC analysts can take quick actions within the platform.

Augmenting SIEM and effortless API integration: Trend Micro XDR augments SIEM for the SOC team, with centralisation of normalised data and incident response capability that improve operational efficiency and productivity. XDR provides pre-built SIEM connector for Splunk to pull high-fidelity alerts into SIEM dashboards. For customers with their preferred SIEM solution, a public API can be used for the integration.

Trend Micro’s XDR is also available as a managed service (MDR), to further alleviate the pressure of constrained in-house teams. The MDR team conducts 24/7 full-threat analysis and threat hunting, and provides response plans and remediation recommendations.

“UAE Vision 2021’s nationwide digital transformation is having a ripple effect on every industry vertical advancing digital transformation – and in turn expanding the threat landscape,” said Majd Sinan, Country Manager – UAE, Trend Micro. “In the face of increasingly sophisticated threats, UAE organisations need visibility to extend beyond their endpoints, to their networks and cloud solutions, breaking down the silos of their cybersecurity tools. XDR provides integrated visibility, increased detection and response to cyber-attacks, and enhanced efficiency of security operations centres.”

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