UBQT: Revolutionising Social Networking for Travelers, and Making Business Trips a Breeze

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With the holiday season in the corner, UBQT, an app made in UAE, is an essential tool for people to reconnect and catchup easily in real life (IRL) with their tribe across the world.

Unlike traditional social networking platforms, UBQT helps users save time and disconnect from endless scrolling. It’s the perfect companion when travelling and wanting to catch old friends. UBQT aims at reconnecting friends IRL wherever they might be. Indeed, the technology uses geolocation to facilitate spontaneous catchups, whether for a quick coffee break or an evening exploration of the city.

Fostering genuine human reconnections amidst the overwhelming digital world is no easy task. Robin Dunbar is a renowned Oxford University evolutionary psychologist Professor best known for his namesake “Dunbar’s number”, which he defines as the number of stable relationships people are cognitively able to maintain at once; the typical number is 150. “UBQT is more than just an app; it’s a catalyst for transforming travel and business journeys into opportunities for authentic reconnections with the people who matter,” said Jonathan L. Hasson, Co-Founder & Co-Head at UBQT.

Business travelers can particularly benefit from UBQT’s ability to catchup with colleagues, clients, or friends, enhancing networking opportunities and enriching travel experiences. By eliminating missed chances for spontaneous reconnections and facilitating planned catchups, UBQT empowers users to maintain and strengthen their social tribe worldwide. As the holiday season is near, UBQT invites users to rediscover the joy of genuine reconnections, making every journey more fulfilling and memorable.

UBQT is the digital cleansing people need without losing connections with those who matter. For more information about UBQT, please visit http://www.joinubqt.com/

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