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Vectra to Focus on Zero Trust Security Partnership with Microsoft

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Vectra AI is set to participate in GITEX Technology Week 2021 at Microsoft’s stand. The firms will show delegates how they can mitigate threats emerging from distributed and hybrid-remote workforces, said the firm.

The collaboration with Microsoft follows the signing of an agreement between the two companies in July this year, in which Vectra brought the power of its Threat Detection and Reponse platform’s Zero Trust capabilities to Microsoft platforms through Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD.

According to the Verizon 2021 reports, 61% of 2021 breaches involved compromised credentials despite efforts to protect systems with anti-phishing solutions and multi-factor authentication measures. Vectra Cognito offers broad coverage across Office 365 attack vectors, using advanced AI that understands attacker methods as it relates to account-privilege hijacking.

“Organisations across the Middle East face huge challenges as they try to protect their critical assets,” said Ammar Enaya, Regional Director, METNA, Vectra AI.

“The very concept of a network perimeter has been upended by the mass migration to hybrid and multi-cloud environments spurred by last year’s global health crisis. Attackers are sidestepping protection layers with ease, roaming digital estates wielding valid credentials, and executing attacks with impunity. They are deploying ransomware; they are exfiltrating data; and they must be stopped.”

Zero Trust architectures allow organisations to enhance their visibility of insider threats, by making no assumptions about the status of a process inside their digital perimeter. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the approach, building complex models of behaviors, attacker methods, and abandoning signature-based detection.

“Microsoft has built a robust Zero Trust framework that establishes best practices and is an excellent guide for businesses,” added Enaya. “Vectra offers an equally robust realization of those principles and so our partnership with Microsoft to build the Cognito-based solution ‘Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD’ was a logical step for both our companies. We now protect Microsoft customers in the cloud with some of the industry’s most reliable detection tools.”

Mohammed Arif, Business Group Director, Modern Work and Security, Microsoft UAE said, “With the recent shift to remote work, security concerns have been propelled to the center stage for many organisations, but security is more than a reaction to a threat. Understanding the connection between business outcomes and highly secure IT infrastructure can yield incremental benefits for business such as higher customer satisfaction and brand recognition. We look forward to working with our partners, including Vectra AI, to bring our customers the most cutting-edge solutions to secure their assets and empower them to achieve more.”

At Microsoft’s GITEX 2021 hub, Vectra will demonstrate the power of Vectra Detect for Office 365 and Azure AD, the industry’s first AI-based detection and response solution for the cloud. Vectra experts will show delegates how the award-winning approach leverages cybersecurity R&D and data science to build an AI model capable of picking an attacker out of the digital hubbub of a complex hybrid environment. They will explain how the proven platform, which protects private data centers, public clouds, and other enterprise infrastructures, is ideally suited to the Microsoft Cloud, offering broad coverage across the entire attacker kill chain in Office 365.

Another GITEX focus for Vectra will be the SOC Visibility Triad, which encompasses NDR (network detection and response), EDR (endpoint detection and response) and SIEM (security information and event management)/UEBA (user and entity behavior analytics). Vectra will showcase the critical role that its technology plays in the triad and how the three-prong approach gives SOCs increased threat visibility, detection, response, investigation, and remediation powers.

In addition to its engagements at Microsoft’s stand, on October 17th at 15:50, Vectra AI’s System Engineering Manager for the METNA region, Abdullrazaq Zahran, will present at the GITEX Tech Talks stage on how AI-driven threat detection and response is able to find ransomware before it can do harm, even as current tools continue to fail in this regard.

Visitors to GITEX can find Vectra at the Microsoft stand located in Hall 7, H7-D1.


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