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Visiontech Systems Helps Enterprises Transform Business Practices

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As a systems integrator, Visiontech Systems has worked with multiple enterprises to bring a better technology environment with solutions that can significantly improve their business practices.

Despite the fast pace of technology, some customers were hesitant to embark on a digital transformation journey for their business. But all that changed in 2020 when a majority of businesses had to move to a work-from-home environment due to the pandemic. It also forced customers to adopt new ways for their businesses to continue. Additionally, everyone saw the importance of keeping data secure and in a remote working environment, security became one of the biggest priorities.

Visiontech Systems CEO Aliasgar Dohadwala saw the positive side of this change, as customers have now started looking into adopting new technologies for their businesses or even integrating the ones they already have to the current standards.

“Technology is getting advanced and more complicated with every step,” Dohadwala said. “A simple process like making a backup also means keeping the confidential information within it secure. It can be complex from a delivery point of view, but it can be highly beneficial.”

Dohadwala explained that when Visiontech Systems started, a firewall was the only security you needed to secure your systems. “Today, the whole game has changed,” he said. “Companies now require more than just a security device, as they want to be certified and be able to comply with the latest standards.” In addition, Visiontech System’s understanding of new threats and a dedicated security division set them apart from competitors.

Dohadwala also highlighted the growth of Visiontech Systems, which started with only two employees. Today, the firm has a team of more than 100 people operating in two countries. “Our team is constantly growing, and as we enter a new digital age, Visiontech Systems is now building teams focused on Artificial Intelligence as well as connecting with customers looking for bespoke solutions that are not available off the shelf,” he concluded.

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