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Zebra Technologies debuts Savanna Data Services

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Zebra Technologies has introduced Savanna Data Services, a cloud-based capability that provides a more complete business picture to help transform operations. This new capability is part of its data intelligence platform – known as Zebra Savanna – which allows adopters to collect and process data from Zebra hardware in real time, turning raw data into actionable insights. The platform is designed to help unlock the potential of data to build more intelligent, productive applications and solutions.

The new Savanna Data Services make intelligent edge device data including third-party data services available via application programming interfaces (APIs) to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), software developers and business innovators. Savanna Data Services will empower business innovators and software developers to build cutting-edge solutions pertinent to individual business and customer needs, without the expense of maintaining and managing their own platform. The tools can be accessed at any time to integrate Zebra’s existing hardware, software and data ecosystems for maximum effect. Ultimately, using existing APIs shortens development cycles which further reduces costs such as maintenance, access and management.

“Savanna Data Services enable the creation of bespoke, innovative and compelling solutions that will revolutionize how enterprises operate,” said Drew Ehlers, Global Director, Portfolio Marketing, Enterprise Software, Office of the CTO, Zebra Technologies. “Our new developer experience allows users to exclusively leverage intelligent edge device data along with third-party data services via APIs through the Savanna platform to completely transform workflows, identify supply chain bottlenecks and produce outstanding business outcomes.”

Coupled with Zebra’s recent announcement of its plan to acquire Profitect, these new offerings further expand Zebra’s software capabilities and broaden Zebra’s commitment to deliver intelligent edge solutions.  The future combination of real-time data that Zebra solutions capture with Profitect’s access to operational data, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics will further enable Zebra’s partners to empower front-line workers – across all industries – with the insights they need to make better, faster, smarter decisions.

Business innovators across retail, healthcare, transportation & logistics and manufacturing as well as software developers involved in printing, scanning, barcoding, RFID and indoor location tracking solutions will have access to vital maker APIs, blockchain traceability, barcode intelligence and recall notifications. All hosted on the Zebra Developer Portal, Savanna Data Services will be sold via a web-based, self-service model and can be accessed 24/7.


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