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With World Backup Day coming up on March 31st, Remus Lim, Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera, has some insightful thoughts to share about the imperative of data protection and recovery in the age of AI.

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As an individual, losing data can be an inconvenience or a painful reminder, but for an organisation, a data loss incident can be catastrophic. With data breaches, loss or theft becoming increasingly commonplace in today’s digital world, World Backup Day is a timely reminder of the importance of data protection, both on a personal and enterprise level.

Business continuity, preventing financial loss, legal compliance and maintaining customer trust are some of the factors that make protecting data imperative for enterprises. While it is common for enterprises to turn to data protection methods like data encryption and data backup, safeguarding data effectively requires a holistic strategy that includes policies and processes to address concepts like data governance.

With many companies looking to leverage data-driven decision-making or technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the need to have data that is highly available and easily accessed is critical, but being able to trust their data is just as important. Enterprises must ensure that they have data governance frameworks in place so that their data sets are accurate, completely consistent, and compliant with government regulations.

Data management may not be the first thing that comes to mind when speaking about data protection but is a very crucial aspect of securing data. Companies can experience numerous benefits by investing in modern data management platforms that deliver a real-time overview of data across multi-cloud and on-premises. Such platforms allow them to actively monitor for threats while accelerating their AI and digital transformation initiatives through instantaneous access to high-quality data.

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