Cisco security from Comstor: Embrace connectivity with confidence

Renton D’souza, Senior Director, Comstor ME, Global Accounts and Service Providers, talks about Cisco's security solutions.

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One of the most important decisions for your customer is choosing the right security provider. But with a growing number of vendors available in the market – many of which are specialising in niche security areas – companies can easily end up with 10+ different solutions in their IT environment, raising the question: is this really the most effective and efficient way of protecting precious data?


Integrating secure networks, data, and endpoints is more critical than ever. It is extremely important to ensure that everything that’s connected is protected. However, the rapid proliferation of connected technologies makes this an enormous task for any business. You need a vendor with expertise, experience, and scale to truly safeguard your customers’ IT – and networking giant Cisco is the ideal choice. 


Cisco: For scalable security with size 


Trusted around the world, 80% of internet traffic runs on its infrastructure. So, who better to protect the network than those who run it and know it best?  


Recognised for its broad security offerings, Cisco is prioritising security, privacy, and trust to protect the connected world. With unmatched scale behind it, the numbers speak for themselves: today, Cisco is protecting 840,000 networks, 67 million mailboxes, and 87 million endpoints. 


Powered by visibility, intelligence, risk reduction, and insider mitigation, Cisco security not only helps teams defend and safeguard, but also to emerge stronger and get better every day. 


Cisco gives businesses peace of mind by providing end-to-end security with threat visibility across the entire IT network. With a particular emphasis on security resilience, Cisco helps companies withstand threats and changes while protecting integrity across all aspects of their business.


Cisco’s portfolio of proven products and cloud-native solutions is, in many ways, the antidote to today’s security challenges, equipping businesses with what’s needed to embrace connectivity confidently. 


Fortune 100 security, for everyone 


100% of the Fortune 100 trusts Cisco security, but large businesses aren’t the only ones that benefit – Cisco provides the ultimate security to companies of all sizes.


Comstor, the world’s only Cisco-dedicated distributor, is helping partners deliver Cisco to businesses of every kind. The Comstor Security Centre of Excellence team provide expert training and support on zero trust, SASE, and Meraki MX, as well as demos, offers, and demand generation to help our partners succeed more profitably. With more Cisco-certified experts in the channel than any other, Comstor is the key to unlocking your share of the enormous global security market.


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