CyberKnight, IronNet Partner To Address Threat Detection Challenges

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Ehab Derbas, CyberKnight
Ehab Derbas, CyberKnight

Regional value-added-distributor CyberKnight has inked a distribution deal with IronNet Cybersecurity, the provider of Collective Defense and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA), to address threat detection challenges faced by enterprise and government customers in the region.

According to Gartner, the global cost of cybercrime will increase and worldwide spending on cybersecurity is estimated to hit $133.7 billion in 2022. The coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated the threat as organisations are faced with the challenge of keeping as many business-critical functions running as possible, while maintaining adequate security in a completely new environment. In fact, “sixty-eight percent of business leaders admit their cybersecurity risks are growing”, which increases the need for organisations to work together to leverage joint resources and collectively defend against common threats.

IronNet’s unique and innovative Collective Defense functionality, called IronDome, allows organisations of all sizes to share behavioural threat data anonymously, at network speed, to increase visibility of incoming cyber-attacks. Combined with higher-order behavioural analytics, Collective Defense allows customers to leverage a wider pool of cybersecurity expertise and threat visibility to detect and respond to sophisticated threats.

At the heart of the vendor’s threat detection capabilities is IronDefense, IronNet’s NTA platform, which delivers largely scalable behavioural analysis and integrated packet-level cyber hunting capabilities. The solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to detect advanced threats often missed by existing commercial cybersecurity solutions.

“Through the partnership with IronNet we aim to support regional customers with real-time, actionable network threat detection by leveraging the offensive and defensive knowledge of IronNet’s cyber operators. With Collective Defense enabled, SOC teams will also be able to see attacks that are targeting their community, prioritise the most urgent threats and understand how other security teams have responded to optimise their defences more proactively,” said Ehab Derbas, VP Sales at CyberKnight.

“Giving our customers in the Middle East the ability to visualise the threat landscape across organisations and industries is core to our Collective Defense mission. With recent events only compounding the need to combat continuously evolving threats, network visibility is a critical and foundational element to helping customers keep infrastructure safe and functional. Our platform provides greater visibility into hard-to-detect attacks, such as modified malware, malware-less attacks, newly engineered attacks, and those masquerading as benign entities,” said Alex Depret-Bixio, IronNet’s Regional Sales Director, META.

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