TrackMyCloud by Redington Aims to Heighten Partner Profitability

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At the recently concluded 40th edition of GITEX technology Week, the regional value-added distribution pioneer Redington Value showcased its newest service offering – TrackMyCloud. The cloud consumption management service is a SaaS platform designed to be an all-in-one solution to manage complex, sophisticated cloud.

TrackMyCloud by Redington simplifies monitoring and optimization of spends, done on managing the cloud infrastructure. TrackMyCloud is a user-friendly Cloud Management Platform with an intuitive and clear UI to enhance user experience. With an easy onboarding and end-to-end support, cloud management is going to become easier than ever with TrackMyCloud, said the company.

Dharshana K, Vice President, Redington Value, said, “We have introduced TrackMyCloud, an intelligent cloud management vendor agnostic platform to empower our channel partners to build their unique capabilities and leverage the platform effectively to offer exclusive services for their customers.”

Most partners work with hyperscalers – the likes of AWS, Microsoft and Google Cloud among others. However, regional channel partners generally only resell the services from these companies as more often than not, they don’t have the capabilities to add their own services.

“Identifying a genuine gap in the market in terms of skills, product features and pricing point of view, we decided to craft a world-class and competitively priced platform for our channel partners to extend their value-added services for customers. TrackMyCloud platform boasts features such as comprehensive cloud visibility, automation, security optimisation, governance and so on. Partners can rely on the platform as it works hand-in-hand with the hyperscalers and is connected to APIs, offering a real-time view of cloud services being consumed.”

According to Dharshana, partners now have the unique opportunity to build their own services for their customers. This can include security-as-a-service, optimisation-as-a-service, managed services and so on. “We are creating and facilitating a wholesome environment for our partners where they can enhance their offerings for the end customers,” he explained.

Channel partners outside of Redington’s network also have the option to leverage TrackMyCloud platform and all the partners have the option to offer semi or fully managed services for their customers.

“Semi-managed services include offering customers the end-to-end visibility through the intelligence embedded into the platform’s dashboard and allowing them to have data on things like services being used, consumption patterns, security gaps, governance and so on. Then allowing the end customer to customise and optimise services on their own as per their requirements,” said Dharshana.

While fully managed services include the partner not only providing the visibility but also the complete intelligence on each service along with support function. Partners will also develop and extend its own capabilities to customise and strengthen the existing services on the platform to empower customers further in a fully managed services model.

“If partners do not have the capabilities but want to offer fully managed services to their customers, they can also tie up with Redington and leverage our strengths to do so. TrackMyCloud allows partners to enhance their profitability by reselling services in addition to services from hyperscalers and take their businesses to new levels,” he said. “We are very excited about this launch and are bringing in a lot more investments, energy and innovations to ensure partners benefit and get the best results.”

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