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Abu Dhabi DoH Unveils Remote Healthcare Platform With Injazat

In efforts to contain Covid-19, the new digital platform offers easy and safe access to preliminary medical diagnostic services, information and guidelines.

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The Department of Health of Abu Dhabi (DoH) has announced, in collaboration with Injazat Data Systems, the launch of a new digital platform, ‘Remote Healthcare’ App for smartphones. This allows users easy and safe access to preliminary medical diagnostic services, information and guidelines, reported WAM.

According to a press release issued by DoH, the announcement comes in line with DoH’s continuous efforts to maintain the safety and well-being of all members of the society and provide them with the necessary healthcare services without having to physically visit healthcare facilities.

The application provides the necessary medical support to people with chronic diseases, the elderly, and those in need of medical prescriptions and wish to not visit hospitals given the current situation, as well as those who have been infected with virus and are under home isolation.

The application features an Artificial Intelligence-driven tool for examining symptoms and diagnosing non-emergency cases, as well as a system for booking appointments and remote consultations with doctors via voice or video calls or texts, as well as, medical prescriptions and logistics services.

Shaikh Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, Chairman of DoH, said, “This launch comes in line with our ongoing efforts to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, and ensure the safety and well-being of all members of the community.”

He further reiterated that the DoH of Abu Dhabi continues to work closely with all relevant authorities in the UAE to further improve the health sector services.

“Through this initiative, we are keen to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence and bolster the digital infrastructure of the healthcare sector, and provide a comprehensive digital platform that allows access medical support and guidance to all members of the society,” he added.

Through the new application, users can obtain medical support and advice and get access to diagnostic services for non-emergency situations while at home, through healthcare facilities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that are available on the application and are regularly being updated.

The report also mentioned that people who have been infected with COVID-19 and are required to stay under home isolation can also benefit from the app, by reaching out to a specialised medical team of doctors, nurses and healthcare professional, who will provide all the necessary healthcare support remotely, and closely monitor the patient’s situation until they are fully recovered.

Additionally, DoH will ensure that patients have all the necessary precautionary guidelines and all essential supplies that they might need while they are under home isolation.

The app will enable doctors to communicate remotely with their patients to provide consultations. It allows registered users to book and manage their appointments, and request for prescriptions online.

These prescriptions will be assigned to pharmacies that will deliver medicines directly to patients via online channels, upon obtaining the approval of insurance companies.

The ‘Remote Healthcare Platform’ is developed by Injazat, a fully owned subsidiary of Mubadala Investment Company. Injazat develops several healthcare services and systems managed by the DoH and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, SEHA.

The app is available on Android and iOS devices, in both Arabic and English language. DoH sent out a circular to notify Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector about the activation of tele-medicine services through its Remote Healthcare Platform, to enable accessible, safe and convenient healthcare services to all residents, with the aim to reduce non-urgent visits to healthcare facilities during this current period.

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