Acronis joins the UAE data centre foray as demand for cloud computing poised to grow by CAGR of 36% by 2030

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Acronis announced the opening of a new Cyber Cloud data centre in Dubai, signaling a deliberate push to tap into the region’s accelerated technological advancements and increased digitization.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) newest data centre comes against a backdrop of the country’s steady increase in IT load capacity, with projections estimating a compound annual growth rate of 16 percent by 2029.

Marking its debut in the UAE’s data centre market, the Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Center is set to demonstrate the company’s dedication to providing secure and reliable cybersecurity protection solutions that underscore its commitment’s strength.

The Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Center, which is ISO 27001 and IEC 22237 compliant, is poised to offer updated solutions that cater to emerging customer needs. The new data centre will integrate advanced hardware components, and provide robust network infrastructure, and high-performance storage systems that rival those of leading data centers globally.

Following its launch, the Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Centre will also provide Acronis partners in the region with access to a wide range of advanced need-driven cyber protection solutions – a welcome development that will empower them to create new services and enable them to manage their partner’s data protection needs more efficiently and effectively. The data centre will also allow faster access, continuous data availability, and the additional benefit of data sovereignty.

“As cyber threats continue to rise regionally and globally, our new Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Center will be instrumental in helping organizations get access to robust cyber protection and effective data recovery solutions. With businesses in the region constantly battling sophisticated cyberattacks, emphasizing the region’s urgent need for advanced cyber protection, Acronis’ integrated solutions, combining cybersecurity and data protection powered by AI and machine learning, are uniquely poised to meet these emerging challenges​​, said Ziad Nasr, general manager Middle East, Acronis.

New product offering

The new Acronis Cyber Cloud Data Center comes hot on the heels of Acronis’ recent expansion of its product lineup with new and tailored solutions for the Middle East and North Africa market.

These include Managed Detection and Response (MDR) – a Novacoast-powered continuously efficient endpoint security service built for Managed Service Providers (MSP), which includes native integration with data protection to deliver unmatched business resilience to clients and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), which offers MSPs with a complete security solution to easily launch and implement a comprehensive security framework that includes rapid recovery capabilities in the event of a successful attack. It also offers compliance and protection to enable MSPs to protect against modern threats and readily comply with cyber insurance requirements and greater efficiency, which helps MSPs minimize administrative overheads through a single security platform.

As part of its long-term strategy to boost its regional growth, these solutions and the new data centre will further solidify Acronis’ dedication to combatting evolving cyber threats and ensuring the security of businesses of all sizes in the region.

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