Al Amal Exchange fortifies its compliance endeavours through a strategic partnership with Effiya Technologies

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Al Amal Exchange proudly joins forces with Effiya Technologies in the ongoing battle against financial crime. This marks a significant milestone for the exchange in adoption of an intelligent, scalable, and dynamic solution that aims to proactively detect and prevent money laundering schemes before they can inflict harm. Effiya’s expertise and smart AI solutions will empower Al Amal Exchange to mitigate its risks while setting higher standards of compliance and security.

Sulaiman Ismail Sherif, General Manager of Al Amal Exchange mentioned, “At Al Amal Exchange, ensuring regulatory compliance and safeguarding our customer’s interests remains our top concern. By leveraging Effiya’s cutting-edge technology and artificial intelligence enabled solution, we aim to set new standards in compliance effectiveness and efficiency. Together, we are poised to reshape the landscape of regulatory adherence for the exchange. The partnership is a timely initiative and a serious measure to ensure a secure financial environment.

Jigar Shah, CEO of Effiya Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership stating, “This collaboration is a positive leap forward towards a more secure financial environment. We have closely monitored the expanding capabilities of AI and its potential applications in regulatory compliance. By joining forces with Al Amal Exchange, we are taking a significant step in reinforcing their dedication to regulatory compliance and fortifying the security of their customer’s transactions.

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