Al Etihad Credit Bureau announces collaboration with Nakheel PJSC

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Al Etihad Credit Bureau (AECB), a company that provides information and analytics to support credit decisions, has announced a collaboration with Nakheel PJSC.

The strategic collaboration aims to develop a sustainable, data-driven framework that will support the growth of the UAE real estate sector at scale and further reinforces AECB’s position as a key provider of credit information solutions in the country.

The agreement signifies AECB’s growing relevance and importance to the UAE real estate industry. It is expected to yield significant benefits for Nakheel PJSC.

AECB’s value proposition to the real estate sector reinforces the company’s commitment to adopting the latest technology for effective insights-driven reports designed to help companies evaluate risks. In the UAE, all banks and financial firms are fully integrated and reliant on AECB’s products and services.

Speaking about the collaboration, AECB commented that it takes pride in offering data-driven insights and innovative solutions that are not only easily tailored but also crucial to industries outside of financial institutions. Through its promising collaboration with Nakheel, AECB looks forward to strengthening the real estate market in the UAE while also increasing the scope of functional real estate data within its credit registry.

AECB continually works to improve its credit reports by collecting and analysing data on the credit histories of individuals and businesses, including cheque issuances, cheque clearances, telecommunications, and utility payments. By consolidating the data received from the various data providers, the Bureau is the go-to-source for comprehensive information on the credit history of individuals and businesses.

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