DSOA, Derq Partner To Ensure Compliance With COVID-19 Guidelines

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) has joined forces with Derq, a MIT spinoff, to implement AI-based solution to monitor adherence to COVID-19 response measures.

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Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) has partnered with Derq, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) spinoff, to deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution to support cities in ensuring compliance with COVID-19 response measures, according to a WAM report.

Utilising advanced AI technology, the solution seeks to strengthen the community’s adherence to the new global safety standards aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deploying Derq’s award-winning algorithms, the solution uses pre-existing camera feeds to monitor whether people are violating safety guidelines, including social distancing requirements, wearing of facemasks, and observance of occupancy requirements focused on ensuring safety, said the report.

Feeds from CCTV and other security cameras in community spaces that face high risk of COVID-19 transmissions are analysed in real time to detect and report any violation that could cause harm to the broader community. The technology provides decision makers with a personalised dashboard to review the community’s overall to guidelines, which also allows them to take immediate action to ensure collective safety adherence.

Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Vice Chairman & CEO of DSOA said, “In the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Dubai strives to catalyse innovation and push the limits of leveraging technology to benefit people. At Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, we are dedicated to tap synergies with key entities across diverse sectors to actively exchange knowledge and expertise, as well as best practices and successful smart city solutions.”

He added, “DSOA is committed to collaborate once again with Derq, to enhance the safety of citizens and community amidst these trying times. Our top priority is ensuring the safety and quality of life for our community, the emirate, and the nation at large. This collaboration also links with our core mission to lead a fully integrated, and sustainable smart community.”

Dr. Georges Aoude, Co-Founder and CEO of Derq, said, “Derq’s efforts have always been rooted in our mission to enhance citizens’ safety. Through this initiative, we are able to do just that in the places that matter most – on our roads, and in our hospitals, offices, malls, beaches, and airports. However, we cannot simply do this alone; our partnerships with governments and businesses, such as Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, empower us to implement this technology and ensure its success.”

He added, “These are tumultuous times and every effort matters. Our lives have changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and our new normal includes being aware of our surroundings more so than before. Derq is proud to contribute to this global cause and quickly rise to the challenge it was presented.”

DSOA supports Derq with developing and testing their technology through a live testbed and proof of concepts in the Dubai Silicon Oasis community.

Headquartered in Dubai and Michigan, Derq uses artificial intelligence to deliver innovative road safety solutions that help eliminate collisions and save lives. The two organisations have been collaborating since 2017, when Derq began piloting its patented real-time AI video analytics that enhances road and pedestrian safety for conventional and autonomous cars through connected vehicles (V2X) communication and AI-powered blinking signs to predict road incidents and notify vehicles to avoid them

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