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Dubai Future Foundation Boosts MENA Innovation Market With New Deal

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Marita Mitschein, SAP
Marita Mitschein, SAP

The Dubai Future Foundation and EA Juffali and Brothers have announced they are unlocking growth and success through enabling and developing a culture of internal innovation, boosting the region’s USD 2.4 billion digital innovation market.

Dubai Future Foundation engaged with Winnovate, powered by SAP, to deliver workshops to empower creative champions with the mindset, tools, and methodologies for co-creation and co-innovation.

“The Winnovate workshop has surprised and challenged me, helping me to think in ways I have never thought before and showing me how easily accessible and impactful innovation tools are,” said Yaqoob Al-Zaabi, Strategy Department at Dubai Future Foundation. “I am excited to inspire my colleagues with the power of innovation methodologies, and to change the way we innovate at Dubai Future Foundation.”

Regionally, Saudi conglomerate EA Juffali and Brothers worked with Winnovate to enhance collaboration, communication, and workforce productivity leveraging technology such as a mobile app companion.

“As leaders we have to help our teams to equip them with skills and competencies that will accelerate innovation, mindsets and processes and increase employee engagement,” said Oussama Zein, General Manager, E.A. Juffali & Brothers ISC & CoE. “Through the right enablement, we will build and foster a fast and iterative innovation capability that helps us to stay ahead and keep disrupting.”

With people being at the heart of digital transformation Winnovate, powered by SAP, supports individuals and organisations to unleash their innovation potential. Winnovate complements SAP’s innovative technologies with specific enablement services, targeted to build and foster innovation capabilities within organisations. Winnovate has enabled more than 4,420 innovators by now and offers its services in-person and remotely to empower organisations and its employees beyond functional or physical borders.

“Amid MENA’s digital transformation, Dubai Future Foundation and EA Juffali and Brothers are unlocking growth and success through innovation, and hereby being trailblazers for sustainable and impactful innovation,” said Marita Mitschein, Senior Vice President – Digital Skills, SAP Southern Europe, Africa and Middle East, and Managing Director of the SAP Training and Development Institute. “Winnovate’s training programs and expert consultancy services empower individuals and organisations to get the confidence to innovate, co-create, validate, and implement innovative solutions that generate value for stakeholders.”

Winnovate enables individuals and organisations to experience, learn and apply cutting-edge innovation methodologies like Design Thinking and Business Modeling fueled by powerful change techniques like positive psychology and creative team coaching. Additionally, Winnovate brings technology expertise through its SAP roots, and facilitate prototyping as well as the application of core digital technologies.

“At Winnovate, we have already supported our customers to create 150+ low-fidelity prototypes for new solutions and roadmaps in an effort to improve their companies’ business model,” Mitschein added.

Winnovate is the commercial arm of the SAP Training and Development Institute, a CSR-driven SAP entity that was founded in 2012. All Winnovate proceeds go towards further funding the digital skills-building initiatives of SAP Training and Development Institute, in order to support the enablement of future tech talent on technology skills and entrepreneurial thinking.

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