During GITEX 2022, Cloudflare focuses on making Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable

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With digital transformation and cloud adoption gaining momentum, it has become essential for enterprises in the region to have access to fast, secure and reliable Internet services, in order to serve their customers, partners, and employees. Cloudflare is helping their customers to achieve this goal.

Bashar Bashaireh, Managing Director of Middle East & Turkey at Cloudflare talks about their excitement of being at GITEX immediately after innovation weeks they share their latest developments in terms of technology and solutions with the global market, customers and partners. He says, “Being at GITEX, we can share with our customers and decision makers, how we can help them in their digital transformation journeys and mitigate risks associated with that. It gives us opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our existing partners and build new relationships as well. As we are expanding our market reach and market share and customer base, we will always need new partners and new partnerships in place. As an outcome of the innovation weeks, we have our Solution Engineers present at GITEX every day and we are having presentations as well for our audience.”

Their showcase at this year’s GITEX includes-

Almost 22% of the global Internet traffic goes through Cloudflare, which puts them in a unique position to release such a service, which is called CloudForce One, which is an added value subscription to the customers. It is a threat operation and research team, which follow cyber threats, share reports with the customers, and disrupt threat actors.

Cloudflare One built natively into Cloudflare’s global network is our comprehensive Zero Trust SASE offering. The company’s Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) services are now available as part of Cloudflare One, giving customers more control and visibility across their network, data and apps.

Cloudflare Area1, a cloud email security, where we have the tools to crawl into the internet and preemptively block phishing attacks and phishing emails, compromises of business emails etc.

Cloudflare Workers is the DevSecOps version of Cloudflare, which enables developers to deploy serverless code instantly across the globe to give it exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

Cloudflare R2 Storage offers a better way for developers to store and access everything they need. Whether its storage for large media files, logs, or delivery of web assets, Cloudflare R2 offers flexibility with zero egress fees. Developers can focus on innovating—building the applications and websites, they need—instead of worrying about high storage costs or vendor lock-in.

Speaking about their expansion plans, Bashar said, “We really see Middle East and Turkey region on the forefront of adopting the latest technologies. To drive the Digital Economy, number of digital transformation initiatives are happening across various countries in the region. We are witnessing a huge adoption of edge computing and associated with that are cyber threats. We are here to provide our customers with a secure internet access. In addition, there is a huge demand for fast content to be delivered at milliseconds. Almost more than 70% of the regional population are below the age of 30 who want their content to be delivered at fractions of a second. To address this, out of 275 global data centers we already have 27 based in the region and we have plans to increase these in 2023 and beyond. We are also expanding as an organization as we will have a team of 20 people locally in the region to allow growth of our business for supporting customers in the right way.”

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