Enhanced MBZUAI Executive Programme keeps pace with fast-changing AI market demands

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Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) has announced the enhanced MBZUAI Executive Programme (MEP) as it welcomes its fifth cohort consisting of 44 senior leaders coming from the federal government (17%), local authorities (37%), non-government organisations/startups (9%), and industry (37%) from across the UAE.

With a strong focus on industry, MEP has a renewed focus on the application and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) principles across sectors. Participants coming from government, energy, finance, law, transport and logistics, health, sports, and education are set to learn from real-world projects, policy development, and ethics. The enhanced programme contributes to the evolution of a strong regional and global AI community to support and advance UAE organisations’ development and enable vital digital transformation.

The MEP modules are now in-person and spread over 16 weeks, and the course includes four chapters and seven modules. Four new chapters have been added, including AI and its Current Paradigm Shift, AI Fundamentals, AI-Driven Industry Transformations, and AI Strategy, Policymaking, and Ethics.

The fifth edition of the MEP celebrates gender balance, with 43% of participants being female. It will also include the opportunity to attend an international trip enabling participants to witness real-world examples of AI applications from major technology organisations with a global perspective and to learn from the best practices within AI-specific industries.

“The enhanced MEP is closely aligned with the changing market demand for AI skills, knowledge, and solutions at all levels across public and private sector organisations,” MBZUAI’s President and University Professor, Eric Xing, said. “AI is rapidly changing, and the new curriculum centres around some of the most important aspects of AI transformation, such as policy, ethics, and strategy. These updated courses reflect the need for organisations to take a more holistic approach to AI, including understanding the context and impact of AI deployments and innovations while furthering the aims of the UAE’s national strategy for AI.”

In addition to MBZUAI’s own subject matter experts, MEP participants learn from renowned global AI experts such as Professor Michael Jordan from UC Berkeley; Professor Justine Cassell from Carnegie Mellon University; Professor Karl Ulrich from Wharton Business School; and Dr. Xuedong Huang from Zoom.

The programme will conclude with participants working on capstone projects using AI to solve national or organisational challenges with the potential to bring about transformational change in society, including areas such as healthcare, education, and sustainability.

More than 150 C-suite executives, directors, and secretaries-general have graduated from the programme and shared their learnings with their UAE-based organisations, including government departments, startups, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs), and non-commercial NGOs, representing a diverse and talented alumnus.

“Previous MEP participants are keen to come back to MBZUAI and share the benefits of how they have applied AI knowledge to benefit their respective roles, highlighting how the executive programme experience has enabled them to drive growth and positively impact the UAE’s economy – that’s a key proof point as MBZUAI continues to make AI a central pillar of the country’s aspirations,” Professor Xing added.

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