Evolution Unveiled: Transitioning from Product-Centric to Technology-Driven

Sujoy Banerjee, Associate Director at ManageEngine, discusses the company's various aspects, ranging from customer-centric cybersecurity strategies to technological transformation and beyond.

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Could you share some insights into your customer-centric approach, understanding and addressing the specific cybersecurity needs of customers in the region?

Our commitment to this stems from our 21-year-old legacy, particularly in the Middle East and the UAE. We recognise the significance of staying abreast of global technological shifts. The UAE, being a forefront market, guides our focus. Cybersecurity is an evolving challenge, and our strategy involves continuous adaptation to current trends. Presently, we observe a heightened emphasis on cybersecurity, marked by perpetual challenges. We actively integrate AI and ML capabilities, aligning with customer preferences. Current trends include a focus on Generative AI and a shift toward hybrid cloud infrastructure. Addressing these, our goal is to enhance our products, providing customers with the necessary control and outputs tailored to regional requirements.


How are these trends shaping the way ManageEngine approaches their cybersecurity strategies in the region?

Currently, our entire team is focused on digital maturity, with a dedicated emphasis on cybersecurity. The theme extends to various aspects of our backend operations. Managing over 50 paid products, we prioritise not only their core functions but also integrate the latest trends such as AI, ML, and machine learning capabilities. Our strategy revolves around enhancing and enabling these products to align with the evolving landscape. This year, our approach emphasizes refining existing products to meet market needs, as continuous innovation takes precedence over introducing new ones.


Why do you believe organisations in the Middle East must adopt a proactive security strategy as part of their Digital Maturity Model?

Certainly, this market is known for its rapid adoption of technology, being at the forefront of embracing new trends and challenges. As technology evolves, the need for a secure environment becomes paramount, especially given the value of data today. Data is the new gold. It stands as the cornerstone, and safeguarding assets, workforce, and technology is crucial. It’s not just about compliance or auditing; it’s about ensuring security tailored to the region’s needs. Using the right products is essential, not only for regulatory requirements but also to fortify against breaches and propel their digital marketing and enhancement initiatives securely. Establishing control over breaches and compliance issues is vital for organisations aiming to navigate the dynamic digital landscape successfully.


Could you elaborate on the relationship between a proactive security strategy and an organisation’s overall digital maturity model?

Expanding on my previous response, the concept of digital maturity, whether at a regional or organisational level, is intricately tied to the products employed and the proficiency of the workforce utilising them. The organisation’s primary objective, in my opinion, should revolve around empowering its workforce with the necessary strategies for digital maturity and aligning them with the products in use. This transformation is not confined to adopting a product; it necessitates equipping the workforce to comprehend the product’s requirements, purpose, and how to fully exploit its potential.

Therefore, in our interactions with customers, we emphasize not only the adoption of the product but also how effectively their workforce comprehends its significance and maximizes its utility. The relationship between a proactive security strategy and an organisation’s overall digital maturity lies in the seamless integration of security measures with the workforce’s understanding and utilisation of digital tools, creating a holistic approach to organisational resilience.


What are ManageEngine’s plans for the future?

Having been in the market for numerous years, our substantial customer base in this region has witnessed our continuous growth since day one. What began with just 2 or 3 products has now expanded to encompass an impressive portfolio of 50-plus products. This evolution serves as a profound message from our company that extends beyond standalone products. We’re actively transitioning from a product-centric approach to becoming a technology-focused company. Our emphasis lies in the backend technology, where we leverage extensive research and development to bring forth innovative products. This strategic shift positions us to offer technology-driven solutions, enhancing the efficiency of day-to-day IT operations and yielding more favourable outcomes for our end users.

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